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Land Rover..a replacement of head gaskets, thermostat and misc

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This question is on a 2002 Land Rover Discovery

Looking for direction on the next steps to resolve an over heating problem. Have just completed a replacement of head gaskets, thermostat and misc. other items. Replaced coolant, and believe successfully bled the cooling system.

Ran the engine in the driveway at an idle both in gear and in park for about 40 minutes without issue. Took the truck out for a short spin and at low speeds no issue, but after about 5 minutes of driving took it up to 45 mph and immediately the temp skyrocketed. Back in the driveway just as the red indicator light came on.

Replaced the water pump about 1 1/2 years ago, have not done anything with the radiator. Truck has 99k miles on it.


Welcome to JA.


Sounds like you may still have some air in the system. Here is how to bleed it. Remove the bleeder screw on the upper radiator hose. Remove the coolant tank cap. Locate the tank overflow tube coming out of the coolant cap neck. Rotate it up so the end of it is sticking up. Make sure the coolant is full. Put your hand over the cap hole on the tank to seal it. The blow in the overflow tube until coolant comes out of the bleeder without any air. Make sure the coolant level does not go down low or it will push in more air. Try this first. These things can be hard to get the air out sometimes. If you are unsucessful with that then you can reverse the heater hoses and that will get the air of the heater core because that is usually where the air is in the system.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ok, I will give it a try. If this does not solve the issue what should my next step be. I do not just want to randomly throw money at this problem. I verified that the aux fan comes on with the AC, have checked the clutched fan, etc. It would appear that the water pump is moving fluid. I have been messing with this for a month and am about at the end of my rope and wallet!

I would then check the radiator for blockages. You will need to get an infared thermometer. Get the car up to temp and then check the temp starting at the bottom of the radiator from bottom to top and across it. If you find any excessively hot spots compared to the rest of the radiator then it has a blockage it. It should get cooler progressively cooler from bottom to top.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
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