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2001 vehicross: new battery..air intake..rev..guessing fuel filter

Resolved Question:

hi-i have had my 2001 vehicross stored for several years without starting it-just tried with no luck after a new battery-i then put fresh gas and gas enhancement products wit still no luck-then i put starting fluid in the air intake and it starts but stalls out quickly-i casn even rev the gas with results but shortly stalls out-what do you think the problem could be-im guessing fuel filter of which i boaght a new one but dont know where it goes-please help-thanks, jim
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Tom replied 7 years ago.
OK I doubt its a fuel filter issue?Will it stay running with your foot on the gas?Is the check engine light on?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

when i pump the gas it does rev for a few seconds but then stalls out very suddenly. as far as the engine light, i dont take notice because it normally would stay on for that amount of time anyway. i really hope its not a compression issue. perhaps fuel pump then? im sure the gas turned to laquer but i put enough additives to help.

Expert:  Tom replied 7 years ago.
Sounds more like a fuel pump issue.Does it run smooth when it runs?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hard to say, it runs smooth running on the starting fluid for a couple seconds and i may get a couple more seconds out of pumping the gas but then its hard to say if it would be a smooth idle. when its running, im not getting sputtering if thats what you mean.
Expert:  Tom replied 7 years ago.
Ok then its most likely a fuel issue.Try disconnecting the battery both terminals for 5 minutes reconnect the battery start the vehicle and hold it to 1500 rpms if it lets you for 1 minute and see it it then holds an idle .Also clean out the throttle body while the battery is disconnected.If there is still and issue you need to take a fuel pressure reading and see if the pumps is failing .I would start here next.It could be a mass air flow sensor issue also .These are the next steps.

Hoped this helped.

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