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Mitsubishi galant ralliart: tpms..obd2..the radio, or dashboard

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i have an 08 mitsubishi galant ralliart. my tpms sensor is solid and i dont know how to reset it. an obd2 can not read it and i have nothing on the radio, or dashboard. the dealership resets it and charges me 120.00 every time. but wont tell me how to do it. the closest mits dealership to me is alabama and im in tn.



If you are talking about the low tire pressure light, you should just be able to fill the tires up with the proper amount of air and the light should eventually turn off.


Short of this, the only thing you could do it disconnect the battery to clear the computer memory. HOwever, this would also clear your radio stations... just to you are aware.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i have taken the negative battery cable off from it but it did not reset it. also 3 tire companies have tried to reset the air pressure as well and they all get different readings. after 2001 removing the battery cable would not help. any other suggestions please?

I would leave the battery disconnected for about 10 minutes. THis should be long enough to reset the light.


If this does not work, chances are you have a bad tire pressure sensor in one of your tires and reseting the light or "code" in the computer will not do the trick... the bad sensor will need to be replaced.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok can i just leave the negative battery cable off over night? also if this does not set it how do i tell which one it is? this vehicle is not made anymore and gosh i was hoping i could reset it through the radio.... lol... if its strange i own it

You could sure try to leave the battery disconnected overnight.. but if it does not reset after a few minutes.. then the problem is going to be one of those sensors.


even if you can reset by doing it different ways, and the light still remains on, then again, chances are it is going to be a bad sensor that needs to be replaced.

Did you have any further questions?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok sorry not all that knowledgable on cars. im a model not a mechanic. but if im understanding this right there is no way to determine which sensor it is. i would have to take it in and have them broke down to see? they just replaced 1 tire and had to flip another one and the light still remained on thats why i was asking. and they put a scan tool to it and it said they were registering. so should i take it in and have them check them all to see if one of them are broke? the two they broke down they said were ok. i was gonna take it in to discount tire to see if they could tell. how about i hire you to fix it you seem more knowledgable than the dealership.. thats so sad. but anyway this is my last question for you. and thank you for being so patient with me
YES.. there is a way to tell which sensor is bad.. however, this requires a factory scan tool or a scan tool that can read the tire pressures. Usually one sensor or one tire will be way off. THis is the tire with the bad sensor. There is no way of knowing which sensor is bad without access to a scan tool that can read this live data.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok thank you sir...

You bet!


Good luck!