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1999 Infiniti G20: Auto transmission 150,000 miles..Maintained

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Car is a 1999 Infiniti G20. Auto transmission 150,000 miles. Maintained well. Runs well.

Today I stopped at a stop sign. Accelerated while turning left. Navigation slid off the dashboard and into the passenger floorboard. Reached down to get it while accidentally knocking the car into neutral. Still had foot on gas initially, felt car jerk and skid. Looked down to see car in neutral, so I put it in drive. RPM shows engine is rev'ing, but car still acts like it is in neutral. Car rolled to a stop. Turned car off and restarted it. Same deal. Starts fine. Will rev, but when shift into drive, acts like it is in neutral. Same with reverse. Doesn't go. Also, there is a loud clunking noise under the hood when pressing the gas. Something feels loose.

hello welcome to the site

this sure sounds like the car might have gotten put into reverse by accident.

does this clunking noise sounds like its coming from the rear of the engine or under the car ?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i was afraid you would say that. i agree. The jerk/skid episode would not happen if it was just pushed into neutral alone. But, I did not notice it ever being in revers... and how would it get pushed into reverse anyway? When the car is in drive, it only allows slipping between D and N...?

It's hard to localize the clunking noise, so perhaps this means it's under the car.

Could these symptoms be anything besides a blown transmission??? Or is it dead... :(

well most cars now days have safety per cautions for this but with out seen this first hand its tough to pin point.

i can only go by your information you have provided.

but something got damaged could be a drive shaft. but once this is up in the air it should be evident

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thank you

your welcome

i wish i had some more positive info.



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