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2004 Endeavor: clogged..carpet on the drivers side

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I have a 2004 Endeavor. I think the A/c drain is clogged but I can't find it.I have water draining under the carpet on the drivers side. HELP!
Hello, this is/was a problem with the design of the case that hold the evaportaor under the dash. There is a piece of foam that eventually blocks the drain hole. The only way to correct is remove the whole case, cut the foam. I realize you want to try and clean from outside but all you can do is use compressed air but the problem most likely will return asap as soon as the faom settles back in place.I do not have a pic of the drain hose. I will say it is about mid way on the firewall and down directly under the AC lines where thet go through firewall down say? 6-8" can remember exactly. Do NOT poke anything in the drain or you will damage the evap./ below is the correct repair procedure

No.: TSB-08-55-007

DATE: September, 2008

See Below SUBJECT:

This TSB supercedes TSB-04-55-007, issued September, 2004, to add Affected Vehicles, advise to install a grommet seal and add instructions to install a cabin air filter. It also changes the PARTS INFORMATION and WARRANTY INFORMATION associated with the changes. Revised information is shown with a <.


The HVAC drain tube can become blocked by internal foam packing material or by external debris (such as leaves, etc.) entering the front cowl area. If this occurs, the case may fill up with condensation and overflow onto the passenger's side floorboard. In some case it can overflow into the blower motor.

If water is found to be leaking onto the driver's side floorboard, it may be due to a deteriorated grommet seal between the HVAC unit and the bulkhead < at the HVAC drain tube. As the vehicle is driven, air flow under the hood forces HVAC drainage back past the grommet and into the vehicle, where it collects on the driver's side floorboard.

To eliminate these conditions, remove the debris and move the internal foam material away from the drain tube as described in this bulletin and install the new grommet seal listed in the PARTS INFORMATION SECTION of this bulletin. Always perform both operations when removing the HVAC assembly.

On certain Endeavor models only, if debris is found in the HVAC case, install a redesigned front deck (cowl) garnish, which will prevent future entry of debris. Install the new garnish listed in the PARTS INFORMATION section of this bulletin if one was not previously installed for this condition.



1. Confirm proper blower motor operation.
2. Clean debris from the evaporator housing drain tube and HVAC case and install a new grommet seal.

a. Remove the HVAC case and evaporator. Disassemble the HVAC and remove debris from the drain hole area inside. Refer to Group 55 Heating, Air Conditioning & Ventilation in the applicable service manual for removal instruction.

b. Inspect the foam inside the HVAC case for drain blockage.
^ If the foam is loose, reaffix it to the case using a small bead of 3M Plastic and Emblem Adhesive (3M 08061) or equivalent.
^ If the foam is blocking the passage for the condensation to reach the drain hole, cut the foam away as necessary in the area indicated above.
3. During installation of the cooling unit, replace the grommet seal (listed in the PARTS INFORMATION section of this bulletin) where the drain < passes through the bulkhead. Insure that the bulkhead and cooling unit surfaces are cleaned of old material prior to replacement.
4. If debris (leaves, twigs, etc.) was found in the HVAC assembly, install a cabin air filter (listed in the PARTS INFORMATION section of this < bulletin) into the blower motor housing. Follow the installation instructions included with each filter. Installation instructions are also available on the MDL from the "parts" page by selecting "parts information, then "Technical Resources," then "Accessory Installation Instructions." NOTE: Future replacement of these filters is considered a customer maintenance expense just like any other vehicle filter (oil, air, fuel, etc.).

5. On Endeavor models only built prior to 7/20/2004. If external debris was found inside the HVAC case, and one has not been installed as part of a prior repair, install a new, improved front deck (cowl) garnish, to prevent future entry of debris. Later models were built with the garnish (see photo). Vehicles
a. Remove the front wipers.
b. Remove the old front deck garnish.
c. Install the new front deck garnish (use both LH and RH parts listed in the PARTS INFORMATION section of this bulletin).
d. Reinstall the front wipers.




Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I don't see a drain hole under the area where the A/C piping goes through the firewall. Could it be covered by a metal shroud or plate or have insulation material in front of it to shield heat from the engine?
Was this problem ever addressed in a recall?
I am thinking this may be the style drain that yes, is behind a layer of tin shielding. there was not a recall , just TSB or bulletin that I sent for an ongoing problem and correction method. you can try the dealer as some will work with customers when problems like this are noted on their end
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