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2002 Porsche 911 Carrera: The darned thing eats batteries

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My nephew is the owner of a 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera. He called me to say the battery is dead - again. The darned thing eats batteries. It has been checked out at the dealer and alternator replaced though I doubt it needed it. The car has only 40K miles and is seldom driven and just discharges batteries sitting idle. I have read this is a common problem with that year/model. Don't want to get another expensive battery from the dealer just to have it die and after a few discharges, not hold a charge. What after market battery (group 48 or 49??) do you recommend and will leaving a cable off stop the bleeding?

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Best place for a Porsche battery other than the dealer is at NAPA Auto Parts. I used them in 20 of my clients Porsches and had good luck. Both vehicles have had that battery for more than 3 years now. As for unhooking the battery that will work. The car has a bad module thats not turning off and is killing the battery. A parasitic draw test needs to be done or the battery left unhooked.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Closer to me (in CA) is Kragen Auto Parts or Pep Boys. Can you recommend a brand of battery like Autolite, Exide, Energizer, Optima, Diehard, Motorcraft etc? Kragen Auto said a Group 48 ($154.95) or Group 47 ($134.99) have enough CCA's. Are all brands about the same or in your experience does one brand tend to out-perform the others?
A group 48 is a group 48 any brand is okay. Go with the Exide.
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