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1991 3000gt base model. Has pop up headlights. Fog lights on

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1991 3000gt base model. Has pop up headlights. Fog lights on with low beams, off with high.
The right turn signal is stuck on, lights on the car and in the dash. On even without the key in the ignition. Along with this, fog lamps stuck on as well. I was able to pull the battery terminal for about 15 minutes and issue would go away. Now, problem is still there even after no power for 8 hours to the car. Headlights still work normal by the switch, lows and highs. When highs are activated, the fog lights turn off. But right side turn lamps still on. Hazards do not work. Turn headlights off and key off, turn signal still stuck on and fog lights back on.

What I have tried:
replaced front and rear turn bulbs with 2057 bulbs. Replaced turn signal switch with used switch. Disconnected turn switch and flasher box relay. Thoughts are on whatever relay box controls the all car lighting, signals, & hazards is faulty. But what controls this? All fuses good. Just bought the car.
Hi my name isXXXXX am looking into your problem
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sorry, it's a Mitsubishi.
Yea I noticed it was in the wrong category but I can help you.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

There is no flasher box from what I can see. There is one little brown box by the drivers side kick panel that clicks when the turn signal went off. I'd guess 2x3 inches in size, about ten wires going in.


My question, what controls all the lights? Has to be some sort of module that is stuck on. What tells the fog lamps to turn off when the highs are on? Is it the same box control the turn signal, flashers, tail lamps, head lamps and fog lamps?



Ok it is a fairly simple system. Since you replaced the turn signal switch already you ruled that out. From looking at the wiring diagrams I think the the electronic theft alarm control system module is acting up. The short term is ETACS to shorten it for you. And I think it is the module that you see in the kick panel according to the manual thats were it's located. I am also sending you diagrams of the system to help you. Thanksgraphicgraphic
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The second image you sent did not show up. I have the wiring diagram. Do you have a part number?