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DMahan, Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  17 years as an automatic transmission rebuilder, 30 year family automotive business.
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There a torque converter clutch solenoid..automatic transmission

Resolved Question:

Is there a torque converter clutch solenoid on a Daewoo Leganza automatic transmission (AW40-50LE) or how does the clutch know when to hook up?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  DMahan replied 7 years ago.
From what I can tell you have an Aisin Warner 50-42LE transmission. Looks like there are 4 solenoids, shift A, shift b, pressure control solenoid and the TCC solenoid. The 2 shift solenoids are together, pressure ctrl in the middle and the tcc solenoid is by itself on the valve body. The torque converter clutch is like a light bulb after a switch, it only does what the switch makes it do. In this case the switch is the tcc solenoid and the valve body. The car's computer takes into account road speed throttle position and several other inputs to decide when to apply the TCC. Some computers vary the application of the torque converter clutch with a solenoid and some computers apply the tcc straight on or off. I think yours does the latter. My thought is that something is wrong in the valve body area causing apply oil to reach the tcc without the computer allowing it. If you still think its the tcc solenoid, drop the pan, locate the tcc solenoid, remove it from the valve body and test it. Ground the body of the solenoid, apply 12 volts to the connector and see if it clicks. If it does, apply air to it and see if the air going into the solenoid changes significantly when you apply 12V. If so , the solenoid is fine. Apply the 12 volts quickly on and off in case its not just an on-off solenoid as a "modulated" tcc solenoid will burn up if you keep voltage on it.
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