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99 mazda 616: I drove without much oil (stupidly)..120k miles..quarts

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I drove without much oil (stupidly) in my '99 Mazda 6x6 (with 120k miles on it) for about twenty miles. Now it has three quarts of oil. There was a small bit that fell off the side, but little spillage.

Afterwards, I drove a few miles and noticed the hood was steaming. I parked the car in the shade and it has since ceased. The steaming is new. Could this just be the spillage burning in the summer heat? Or a major safety problem?
If the temperature gauge or light did not come on then most likely the steam if from the spillage and would be best to clean it off. Depending on where the oil is it could be a safety concern. Unlikely the oil will not cause a problem other than the steam and will go away in time but better safe than sorry and suggest cleaning it off.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
How do I clean it off? It seems I could make quite a few mistakes doing so.
Brake cleaner is a good product to use as it will remove the oil and the cleaner itself will evaporate.
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