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cab of my 1990 rx7 convertable..console lights..temperature gauge

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there is a buzzer that is almost constantly sounding in the cab of my 1990 rx7 convertable. when it sounds a light in the console lights up that says "add coolant". the coolant reservoir is properly filled, and the temperature gauge reads normal. why won't this alarm turn off for more than a few minutes? there are 2 exceptions, the first is on the 2 occassions i drove the car on the highway for 10+ miles; and the second is when i had just refilled the coolant rservoir and went ahead and opened the radiator cap and topped off the radiator itself w/coolant, that gave me about 10-15 miles of street driving without the buzzer sounding.


This sounds like you may have a faulty Coolant Level Sensor. When this sensor is faulty, it will read an incorrect "low" level, and trigger the light/warning alarm. It is located near the top of the radiator.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
That's about what I expected. The diagram is somewhat helpful, especially since I've already made the mistake of cutting an unrelated wire in the hopes of silencing the buzzer. It narrows down what I'm dealing with. However, I'd like to know what you suggest I do about it. Can it be replaced easily or will it require professional tools/talent? Is there a wire/fuse that feeds power to the actual buzzer inside the dash that can be severed in order to kill the noise, if not solve the actual problem? I'm looking for a quick-fix, I guess. I'd be set back quite a bit if I were to be forced to pay a mechanics bill. Thanks for your help.


The sensor itself is a piece of cake to change. I really wouldn't recommend cutting any wires that kill the buzzer/light seeing as if you fix the "actual" problem, the system will function correctly in the future, just in case you actually DO run low on coolant. Running out of coolant can be the death of a motor, and you really do want to be informaed of that. I suggest changing the sensor (which should be available at any local parts store) and do the job correctly.


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