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92 olds: eight, Is the fuel pump accessable through the trunk..rivets

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92 olds eighty eight, Is the fuel pump accessable through the trunk? I found something that looks like it might be it, but its rivited to the body. and I wanted to be sure before I chissel off the rivets.
Hello, unfortunately no. There is no acces from up top. Wish there was. I have heard of people cutting through the inside of a truck bed, back of van and inside the trunk to acces pump but you have to be 100% inline and the opening will have to be at least 10" in diameter. I think you are looking at a body plug that was there do to manufacturing etc.. I would ot waste the time cutting rivets etc as the tank has to be dropped.



  1. Relieve fuel system pressure before servicing. See: Fuel Pressure Release\Service and Repair
  2. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Raise the car on a hoist.
  4. Remove the fuel tank.
  5. Remove the fuel tank sending unit and pump assembly by turning the cam lock ring counterclockwise. Lift assembly from the fuel tank.
  6. Pull the fuel pump up into the attaching hose while pulling outward away from the bottom support. Take care to prevent damage to the rubber insulator and strainer during removal. After the pump assembly is clear of the bottom support, pull the pump assembly out of the rubber connector for removal.

NOTE: Inspect the fuel pump attaching hose for any signs of deterioration. Also check the rubber sound insulator at the bottom of the pump. Replace damaged or deteriorated parts.


  1. Push the fuel pump assembly into the attaching hose.
  2. Position the fuel tank sending unit and pump assembly into the fuel tank. Use a new "O" ring seal. NOTE: Care should be taken not to fold over or twist the strainer when installing the sending unit as this will restrict the flow of fuel. Also, verify that the strainer does not block the full travel of the float arm.
  3. Install cam lock over the assembly and lock by turning clockwise.
  4. Reinstall fuel tank.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hmm. O.k. well, this is the thing I was refering to.


I put it up on my web site because this form won't let me put the picture in. So I posted the picture I took and gave you this link. Its near the back of the back seat on the right side. I guess it has nothing to do with the fuel pump, particularly because this is only about 5" compared to the 10" you said I need. Wouldn't mind if you'd double check that picture though just to be sure because someone told me he thought there was an access port to the fuel pump on this car.



Thank you for the instructions. Any tips on draining the tank? its 3/4 full.



Tips? good question. In the shop we have it in the air and we muscle the tank down no matter how full as well have hydrolic jacks to do so. When at home? the only thing I can think of is to get the fill hose off of the tank. You can then use a hose to siphon from there bypassing the anti fuel theft/rollover check ball preventing you from siphoning through the gas cap. This would be about the only way. i would insert say a 1/2" diameter hose into tank, begin drawing vacuum using you mouth if you want and soon as the fule flows, direct the hose to a container. otherwise, you will need a couple floor jacks, one on each side of tank to lower it down. Now... if you look at picture below. you will see the pmp is on drivers side and the picture also shows the wiring going through the grommet to photoed on the other side. You have to drop the tank. Sorry

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