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2003 Kia Spectra: came..clicking type..time ... kirt

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Hello High Tech .. An update on the 2003 Kia Spectra .. I changed out the thermastat, like you sugested and it worked all the codes stayed out, untill last saturday ... Now these codes came back p1404, p1529, p0741 ... I tried clearing them and the only one that won't go away is the p1404 .. Don't know what that is for ... When I do try to clear the codes I hear a clicking type of sound from the rear of the car .. Not sure if that is normal or not ... Can ya help me ????

Thank you for you time ... Kirt

Below is info on code p1404


1. The leak detection module is located under the vehicle by the fuel tank and has a 4-cavity connector. It is used to test the evaporative system for leaks after the engine is off and it pumps pressure into the system to look for leaks and the heater keeps moisture from freezing in the unit. First verify there is good battery voltage to the 4-cavity connector on the Red/Yellow wire with the ignition on. If there is a voltage problem check the wire harness and connections.

2. If the voltage is good the Engine Control Module (ECM) will ground the Blue/Black wire and the heater should operate and draw approximately 0.3 amps of current flow. Check the wire harness and connection if the heater circuit works and draws the correct amperage when the Blue/Black wire is grounded.

3. If the heater is faulty in the leak detection pump then replace the pump assembly.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for the info .. one more question for ya .. what would be the best reparir manual to get for this vechical ??
Mitchel has alway been one of my favorites, they are usually available at any auto parts stores.
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