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2003 Lincoln Navigator: brackets..the new replacement radiator..core

Customer Question

What size (width) should the radiatior brackets be for a 2003 Lincoln Navigator? Had an accident and ordered a replacement radiator, but was a half foot longer than the one in the vehicle that needed replacing. Specifically, the new replacement radiator is 1 3/8" core and measure 18" high and 36" long. Mechanic says it won't fit between the existing brackets. The damaged one he took out measures 1 5/8 core and is 24" high and 30" long. The damaged one was a replacement done at a different shop from 3 years ago. Does it sound like they made an adjustment and reconfigured my brackets when they put in the one 3 years ago?  Also, the part number on the "current" damaged radiator (the one replaced 3 years ago) is PA66-GF30.  I was told that this part number is XXXXX 'asian' vehichles like Honda or Toyota; is that true?  And if so, why is it on my vehicle?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  chrytech replied 7 years ago.

hello, i don't think that anyone modified the brackets but i think the place that got your radiator got the wrong one as there are a few different ones for your navigator. here is a list of the ones available.


2003 LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 5.4L 330cid V8 FI (R) DOHC : Cooling System : RadiatorPriceCoreTotalAdvice
SPECTRA PREMIUM Part # XXXXX More Info {#2609, 433834}
Choose: [May substitute alternate brand -- same quality & warranty] ($149.79)[Regular Inventory] (Only 1 Remaining) ($188.79)
Part Image
Add to Cart
TYC GENERA Part # XXXXX More Info {#2L1Z8005DG, FO3010242}
w/ Transmission Oil Cooler; 1R; 2L1Z 8005 DG; PA
- Stocked in outlying warehouse--shipping delayed up to 1 business day
Part Image
$152.79$0.00$152.79Add to Cart
VARIOUS MFR Part # XXXXX More Info {#2L1Z8005DG}
Radiator assembly (Only 3 Remaining)
Part Image
$163.89$0.00$163.89Add to Cart
VISTA-PRO Part # XXXXX More Info {#9439, 99439}
Fits w/o AC; w/HD Cooling; W/AC; w/ MAX Cooling
Choose: [May substitute alternate brand -- same quality & warranty] (Only 2 Remaining) ($187.79)[Regular Inventory] ($240.79) *
* Non-stock item--shipping delayed up to 2 business days

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I know that generally there can be two different size (core) radiators for the 2003 Navigator. What I need to KNOW is what are the physical dimensions for the 1" core for my car supposed to be. The search I did for my VIN said a 1" core. Do you want to search the VIN and give me the actual dimensions for the radiator that's supposed to fit? If so, it's:5LMFU27R33LJ45995