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2009 Elantra: speed, 4-door sedan..35,000 approx km showing.

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I own a 2009 Elantra 5-speed, 4-door sedan. 35,000 approx km showing. Love the car, but recently car quit on me right after I gassed up. Engine turned over no prob, but would not start. Seemed like lack of fuel to me. Also wondered if some safety switch might be malfunctioning. After a few tries, car started fine as if nothing had ever happened.

Car has been fine ever since until yesterday. Fairly full tank of gas as usual (different brand of gas), and now problem occurs randomly with no apparent pattern to it. Plan to call dealer Monday morning but any suggestion(s) from you guys would be very welcome!


Paul M. Blackmore

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
main relay needs to be changed this controls the computer and fuel pump. common problem. due to the location i suggest taking it to a shop to have this fixed, looking around 200$ because its a shop.
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