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Starion: Mitsu..original owner..indoors) due to leaking head gasket

Resolved Question:

Hi, Have '87 Mitsu Starion, ESIR. I am original owner. Car stored 8 years (indoors) due to leaking head gasket at no. 4 cyl. Replaced with new AMC 2 valve head. New HKS cam. New Ox sensor. Rebuilt distrib, alternator, new plug wires, etc. Drained fuel tank, new fuel filter in eng. compartment. Problem: Engine starts on ether (starting fluid) but no gas is being injected at throttle body. Loosened high pres fuel on throttle body, gas squirted out, but fuel press may not be in specifications. So fuel is getting up to injectors, but no further. All electronics in car function ok except two. 1.) Fuel tank gage does not register with 1/4 tank of fuel and the low fuel light does not glow. 2.) LED (off-on) light on cruise control stalk is on even with no key in ignition. Could these indications be related to the no start fuel problem? I do not have the sophisticated checker equipment, just volt ohm meter. I have factory repair manuals. What can I check? Thanks, Dan
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  danny replied 7 years ago.

The ISC system provides the following four modes of control:

  1. Start Control - The throttle valve opening is controlled to optimum position for start according to the engine coolant temperature (RPM feedback control).
  2. Fast Idle Control - When the idle switch is On, the engine speed is controlled to a target RPM according to the engine coolant temperature (RPM feedback control). When the idle switch is ``Off,'' the ISC servo is actuated to move the throttle valve to a target opening position according to the engine coolant temperature (target opening control).
  3. Idle Control - When the A/C switch is turned On, or on models with automatic transmission the selector lever is shifted from N to D, the system causes idle speed to increase to the target RPM according to the load (RPM feedback control). When the electrical load changes in such an occasion as turning the a/c On, a time lag exists before the RPM feedback control becomes effective. During that period, a control to adjust to the target rpm (throttle valve opening) works to prevent engine speed drop.
  4. Dash Pot Control - The system provides dash pot control according to deceleration conditions to alleviate shock at deceleration.
its starnge that it was working before the work now not so check the vacum lines and connections. but the cold start iac is where I would look.
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