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Lincoln Continental:, vehicle never leaked..drives

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I am a car dealer and a mechanic. I sold a lincoln Continental to a lady and prior to sale this car never had air shock leakage. Day after day, vehicle never leaked down on the lot or after test drives.
This lady bought the car and drove it for a week, put 85 miles on it delivering dinners to the elderly and never went on a trip.
She claims she was driving down the road and she heard a loud bang and the front suspension calapsed. I have never seen in all my years of working on these cars an air
shock rupture with a big bang from normal driving. This vehicle is a 1996 Lincoln Continental
with 107,000 miles on it. I'm thinking its possible it was driven over a road hazard which caused a hard impact or vehicle was jacked up wrong causing the air shock to overcompress the air presure and bursting the shock or causing a rip in the rubber shock.

I have never seen a air shock burst either, I would say that the problem is that something hit the shock also but there really would be no way to be sure if there is no shock damage such as a big dent in the shock.

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