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95 olds: i call it now with 2.3 D end..wouldnt start

Resolved Question:

your gona love this shit!!!!!! 95 olds underachieva as i call it now with 2.3 "D" engine. my father bought it 4 yrs ago and it had a noise top end that i heard but he wasnt concernd cuz he just got it . well wouldnt start 1 day kept back firn .ok tming jumpd so i take it all apart for him found that car lot broke the tab off the chain tensioner ?? they said they installed an oil pump .guess they conuldnt figure out how to rotate the piston in the tensioner to colapse it for the in stall. well they warrentied it and gave me a new tensioner and all went back together no prob .... so we thought .this gets good just wait.... it has 98000 on it ok . so 1 day pops calls about 2 wks later and says car runnin hot but alwys did since he got it around 220 a little more sumtimes so... get water pump and tstat replace them didnt help .checked 4 headgaket failure seemd ok . did another pump and t stat still same prob wasnt overheating just runnin hot . chaged temp sending unit didnt help. well he drove it like three more wks and calls again i laughd!! went to check it out bottom end let go bearing rod ??? sumthing. ok here we go .. get runnin engine from junkyard car was bought as is w no warrnty if u wonderd. i put engine in still runnin on the hot side . hell w it pulled the head hed it checked it was good ,block was good, i put it back together and still same prob .ok wtf??? so 2 more autozone water pumps and tstats didnt help went to dealer got gm pump and stat no luck . so new rad , heater core ,all hoses including the steel pipe that comes of water pump goes under engine to rad .no fn luck but wasnt as hot . replaced exspansion tank and cap ok now it was a lil better yet but still high temp .he runs it that way bout 1 year i was fed up with it .next call motor knockin again like b4. suns a bitch!! .gd runnin junkyard engine again . still on the hot side but he was livin w it . 1 year later there that engine went also same shit... so i do the same shit get good runnin yard engine and there hard to find same bs almost 1 year to the date which was 2 wks ago i put another engine in it .today the head gaket went got antifreeze in 2and 3 cylider. made him run 15w40 oil this time and a bottle of lucas. he likes the car and wont get rid of it i mean this is crazy now. WHATS WITH THESE ENGINES id like some insite . and i talked to so many people and the dealer and no luck they lost... even had the dealer keep it a few days to c bout runnin hot .got nothin but an 130 bill and no answer. hey at least 1 thing this last motor i put in ran normal temp hahaha .so can u give me sum insight on these engines b4 i steal his car and oak tree the bitch for good ....guess i start the head gasket sat hope to hear back from u soon .. even if its just to laugh at me and say to bad so sad fo yo dad haha my email is  xxxxxxxxx . thanx mikeyp.s if u wana mail a gernade that would b ok to im open for anything now...............
Submitted: 7 years ago via OnlineAutoRepair.
Category: Car
Expert:  danny replied 7 years ago.
04-06-01-029D12/11/2009 Vehicle - Engine Crankcase and Subsystems Flushing Info.
08-06-01-008A07/27/2009 Engine - Drive Belt Misalignment Diagnostics
07-06-01-016B07/27/2009 Engine - Noise/Damage Oil Filter Application Importance
05-00-89-072B06/17/2008 Engine/Fuel System - Oil/Fuel Additive Information
00-06-01-012C04/14/2008 Engine - Use of 'Surface Conditioning Disks'
05-06-01-010B09/28/2007 Engine - Sealant Usage/Procedures
00-06-01-026B06/21/2007 Intake Manifold - Inspect/Replace After Engine Damage
04-07-30-013B02/01/2007 Engine, A/T - Shift/Driveability Concerns/MIL ON
04-06-01-01304/01/2004 Engine - Serpentine Drive Belt Wear Information
02-06-01-00803/01/2002 Engine - New Prelube Tool
99-00-01-00109/01/1999 Engine - AC Delco Remanufactured Engines
87-61-2404/01/1998 Engine - Surface Conditioning Discs Precautions
77-61-09B10/01/1997 Engine - Rough Idle/Miss/Cold Stall/High Oil Pressure
67653411/01/1996 Coil and Ignition Housing - Characteristic Conditions
63610702/01/1996 Engine/Transaxle - Excessive Engine Roll
576103A02/01/1995 Engine Balance Shaft - Service Information
53600302/01/1995 Drivetrain - Vibration/Knocking Noise In Reverse
47613010/01/1994 Engine - Warranty Exchange Program

04-06-01-029D12/11/2009 Vehicle - Engine Crankcase and Subsystems Flushing Info.
05-06-02-001A07/16/2008 Cooling System, A/C - Aluminum Heater Cores/Radiators
00-06-02-006D08/15/2006 Cooling System - Coolant Recycling Information
99-06-02-01710/01/1999 Cooling - Radiator Repair/Replacement Guidelines
53620211/01/1995 Engine Coolant - Information on Back Service
53620106/01/1995 Extended Life Engine Coolant - DEX-COOL(TM)
431217B10/01/1994 A/C - Cut Off During Extended Idle Periods

These are the tech servie bulletins for your dads car doesnt sound like your symptoms.


you might just had bad luck as i lov

danny and other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
this dont help me at all .but the the 1 serivce bulletin im interested in i cant open it wont let me . so tell me bout the vibration or shudder in reverse it just started rite after i swapped the engine two wks ago .and it only does it in reverse when the brakes are applied. . i went back and checked flywheel bolts they all tight . please type me ur answer to my email since sevice bullitens wont let me in and the tech support page dont open thank you
Expert:  danny replied 7 years ago.

I am the only one that can open the bulletins But For educational purposes I can show it to you. I will paste it below. I thought your question was= Are my cars symptoms a common problem. But here is the tech page your requested.




File in Section: 6 - Engine

Bulletin No.: 53-60-03

Date: February, 1995

Vibration, Knocking - Tapping Noise when Vehicle is put into Reverse (Grind Torque Strut to Engine Mount Bolt)


1994-95 Buick Skylark
1994-95 Oldsmobile Achieva
1994-95 Pontiac Grand Am
with 2.3L Engine (VINs A, D, 3 - RPOs LG0, LD2, L40) and 3.1L Engine (VIN M - RPO L82) and 3T40 and 4T60-E Transaxles (RPOs MD9, M13)



Some owners may comment on a drivetrain vibration and knocking-tapping noise when the vehicle is put into reverse. The noise will originate from the right front of the vehicle.


The torque strut to engine mount bolt contacts the front suspension support on the vehicle and emits the vibration - knocking/tapping sound.


Inspect the tapered end of the torque strut to engine mount bolt for marks indicating contact with the front suspension support.

Grind torque strut to engine mount bolt off flush with the nut welded to the front suspension support of the vehicle as follows:

1.Scribe the tapered end portion of the bolt so mark is flush with the nut welded to the vehicle front suspension support.


2.Remove torque strut to engine mount bolt from vehicle.


3.Grind the bolt off where scribe mark was made.


4.Install bolt back into vehicle and torque to specs.


5.Test vehicle for correction of condition.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes my original ? was common problems w it but i seen that bullitin and rememberd it was doin that in reverse which just started after the engine swap which would make sense i will check into it and get back to . i want u paid for your help so please b patiaint i will get back to you in a few days . thank you. p.s. if u want to send me that gernade i will pay shiping haha
Expert:  danny replied 7 years ago.
i liked the oak tree comment. lol see ya later. Good luck