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2001 Mazda millenia: Put rebuilt ppg supercharger on fine

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2001 Mazda millenia 2.3 engine. Put rebuilt ppg supercharger on car and seemed to run fine. Took it on 100 mile run and seemed to run fine. Parked for a week and started it-it missed and seemed to have a plugged exhaust system. Drove about 5 miles back to shop and clearly developed exhaust leak. On hoist the back pre cat was literally burned off showing signs of slag from extreme heat. Replace precat, started it still has miss and pre cat is glowing at 2500 rpm which appears to be all it will reach. Checked backpressure in exhaust pipe and appears to be normal. No codes showing on computer. Compression is 175 psig in all cylinders- but does have a failed injector on cylinder 1. Plug on that cylinder appears very sooty. Could this engine have gotten out of time?
Bad injector would cause all the problems you just describe,the unburn fuel getting into converter would cause it to glow(you may already need new converter)also to much fuel in this cylinder stops spark plug from firing causing misfire in the engine.I would recommend to replace that injector as soon as possible.
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