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2005 Kia Spectra: speedometer reads 35 mph when parked

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2005 Kia Spectra, speedometer reads 35 mph when parked. Driving it reads about 35 mph higher ( I am estimating). No change after turning car off then on several times.
Just happened today.
FYI, a few times in the past the tachometer would read 1000-1500 rpm low but would correct itself after turning engine off, then back on.
Any thoughts where this is coming from?

Speedometer stays at 35 when engine and key are off.
Has the vehicles computer been scanned for any codes?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Not been to dealer yet, no scanning done. Might this problem show in a code?
Yes, it should, although it will not illuminate the Check Engine Light, as there is no fault with the engine. The code will be stored in one of the other control modules. There is a good possibility that it is just a faulty VSS (vehicle speed sensor), but this is something that will need to be monitored with a compatible Kia scan tool.
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