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1991 Olds Cutlass: fuel injectors..connectors..voltage..volts

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I have a 1991 Olds Cutlass with 3.1 that died on me this week. I have traced the problem to the fuel injectors, but i'm stuck as to how to proceed now. There seems to be a short in the wiring for the injectors as I unplugged all connectors and checked for voltage using a multimeter set to DC volts. I got 12 volts on each terminal supplied by the pink wire with black stripe. I then checked for the injector pulse from the terminal supplied by the blue wire as the engine was cranked. That worked out too, getting up to 12.4 volts with each connector. I then started plugging connectors back onto the injectors (one at a time) and could no longer get voltage or pulse. It doesn't seem to matter which injector is connected, it still won't work. Now, I have disconnected all connectors again, but this time voltage is showing up on the blue wire terminal, and I get no pulse on the other terminal. There's obviously a short somewhere, Do you have any suggestions on how to trace it?

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did you Ohm out the injectors?


they should all be 8-12 ohms or they could be shorting out the injector driver circuit when you plug them in


let me know if you have checked resistance of the injectors





Customer: replied 7 years ago.
All injectors checked between 10 and 12 ohms.

actually they should be 12 or higher I had looked up the spec for a cutlas ciera


but if they are over 10 that is probably not the cause of the injector driver circuit shorting out.


sounds like the load of the injectors could be shorting out the driver in the ECM


I would double check the harness back to ECM if the harness checks out its probably a short in the computer


click here for a diagram of your engine control circuit




Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have checked continuity of the pink wire back to the ECM, but not the blue. I was afraid it might be a short in the computer, but thought you might have a better answer. Is it possible to verify the short is in the computer any way besides swapping out the computer?

the pink runs to the injector fuse


the dark blue runs to two seperate pins of the ECM


I would unplug the ECM and all injectors


then check for continuity between any of the pins and ground... if you have continuity then you have a short to ground


if there is no short to ground it sounds like the ECM is shorting


there is nothing else in the circuit



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