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1988 nissan pathfinder: battery went dead..code?

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I bought a used car with a Mitsubishi Mr337629 radio its an old cassette model that came in my 1988 nissan pathfinder. Problem is the battery went dead and now the radio flashes code??. I called Mitsubishi after i removed the radio to get the serial number only to be told that since it was not in one of their cars,,they cant help me reset or retreive the code. The radio and vehicle are not worth a new radio what can i do?? Can i take the truck in someplace and they bypass this feature ??


Can you remove the radio to access the part number and serial number from the sticker on the top of the radio chassis?

If you can get me the information from that sticker, I should be able to get the unlock code for you/



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes the model number is XXXXX (part) Serial# XXXXX


Give me just a few minutes to verify my cross reference goes back far enough for that model.

I'll post back shortly


You're in luck, your code is 4956




Do you need assistance inputting the code?


Edited by Doug C on 4/1/2010 at 11:23 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes what is the procedure to enter the code and by the way ,,Your a life saver today,,

No worries, I'm glad you posted in open Car category since it is a Mitsubishi radio (there is no Mitsubishi section). I would not have seen it in the Nissan category, and it really belongs here anyway :)



Each preset 1-4 represents digits 1 through 4 of the code.


Press preset one repeatedly to scroll through the first digit until a 4 is displayed.

Press preset two repeatedly to scroll through the second digit until a 9 is displayed

and so forth with preset 3 and 4.


Once the correct code is displayed, you must push the unlock button, which varies but is always either CD, AMFM or TAPE. There is no penalty for pushing the wrong button as long as the code is displayed correctly. Once pushed the radio will beep once and turn on.


_IF_ you make a mistake, it will produce an error (typicallly Err1, Err etc). If you error 3 times, the radio will turn to "oFF". If this happens you must leave the key on in the ignition for about 75 minutes with the display reading "oFF" after which time the display will go dark, and the next time you turn it on you will be able to enter a code again.


I will be stepping out for about a half hour in just a few minutes, if you'd like to take care of the code right now, I hang around for a few minutes, otherwise I will be back in 30-60 minutes.


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