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Swap..RHD to LHD without changing the dash board..steering wheel...if

Resolved Question:

i was told that you can swap the steering of a land rover freelander from RHD to LHD without changing the dash board. You only need to buy the steering wheel box.if this is true i will be happy to get more information about this.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Greg replied 7 years ago.
Hi and welcome to
Well that's a new one, how are you going to read the dash when its on the other side.
For the steering column the A/C system and blower motor have to be changed over to the other side ?will not fit unless you are willing to cut and glass fiber ,
the wiring harness has to be moved over to the other side for the column switches
I seen it often here where they bring in cars from japan and have to butcher the insides to get it working there is only future problems programmed like electrical and A/C and steering.
Kind regards Greg
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

What i am asking should be perculier with land rover freelanders. You know with other cars when you have to swap the steering wheel to the left hand side, you have to buy a completely new dash board a gear box(if neccessery) and a tearing box.. But is there a freelander model where you can swap the steering side without buying a completely new dash board. Its like you have to unscrew some parts from the right side and fit them on the left side andd vice versa and then buy the steering box which will fit on the left had side of the car? If i need to know about the freelander model where this is possible or is it just all freelanders?

Expert:  Greg replied 7 years ago.
Dash Are mostly cut into three parts and changed over and modified then recovered and installed .A/C as said cut up and moved over and glass fibered in place.dash wiring harness has to be modified,
As far as i know there is none that you can change over with out doing a big modification
Kind regards Greg
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Have you seen freelanders done before? It is Ok to do that with land rover freelanders?
Expert:  Greg replied 7 years ago.
See lots and lots of cars converted but never a freelander ?
mostly the Jap cars .
Kind regards Greg
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


you have reponded to me in relationship to my question but I am not satisfied on the balance of probability with any definite answer to my question because it leaves me on suspension whether you are saying that freelander can be converter or not if at all there is no model with suits my needs. Since you have not yet seen any freelander converted are you saying it can be or not because your responds tells me you are not familiar with this kind of a vehicle with your technical experience.


I need to have a definite answer which will help me make a decision.

Expert:  Greg replied 7 years ago.
I work alot on the freelander have maybe four customers with the V6
they are all original LHD cars .
No i'm not saying it can't be done .
Depends who does the work anything can be done to a car , first the shell is built to do both LHD and RHD getting the LHD steering complete is a must as far as the dash goes
there you will have to think this one out Get a LHD one or have the one you have and modify it to work for you.A/C as said above .
This is a big job and very time consuming and costly
Personally i would sell and buy a LHD.
Kind regards XXXXX XXXXX Easter. Greg
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