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David Dill, ASE Certified Technician
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15. In an ignition system without a distributor, _______ is

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15. In an ignition system without a distributor, _______ is determined by a computer.
A. point gap C. spark plug gap
B. plug reach D. spark timing
16. A component with spark towers placed every 45 degrees is a
A. faulty design as spark towers must be spaced every 90 degrees.
B. distributor shaft on an 8-cylinder engine.
C. rotor in a Hall-effect sensor-controlled ignition system.
D. distributor cap on an 8-cylinder engine.
17. Which of the following devices uses LEDs and photo diodes for ignition triggering?
A. Contact points C. Hall-effect switch
B. Magnetic pickup coil D. Optical triggering device
18. A _______ serves an important function by helping to identify crankshaft position during computer-controlled
engine operation.
A. condenser C. pulse ring
B. centrifugal-advance system D. timing mark
19. _______ direct(s) current flow from the coil to individual plugs.
A. The condenser C. The rotor
B. The coil windings D. The distributor shaft
20. The lean air-and-fuel mixtures found in modern engines are usually fired by
A. advanced-spark distributors. C. retarded-spark distributors.
B. electronic ignition systems. D. cold-running spark plug wires.
21. In a conventional ignition system, when the contact points move apart,
A. the flow of current in the primary winding starts.
B. the primary winding’s magnetic field collapses.
C. current flows through the ignition coil.
D. current is discharged from the condenser.

15 = d

16 = d

17 = d

18 = c

19 = c

20 = b

21 = b

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