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Dave, Land Rover Shopforeman
Category: Car
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Experience:  Land Rover Master Technican/ASE Master Technican. 12 years Land Rover Experience
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My 2000 Range Rover wont start..alarm goes..batteries

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My 2000 Range Rover won't start. The alarm goes off and displays: Engine Disabled Press Remote. I have changed the remote batteries and tried the second key. Also have tried the 1515 code and tried disconnecting/reconnecting the car battery with the key in the second position
Hi do your power door locks work when using the key in the drivers door?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No. I assume that when I unlock the door with the key that all doors should unlock. They don't. Also, I tried unlocking from the inside with the key in the ignition. All the locks would normally unlock and they don't. In short, it appears that I don't have functioning power locks.
Ok what I suspect has happened is your remote lost sync due to low battery, and your drivers door latch micro switch has failed internally, since it should also power your door locks... Could you try locking the passenger front door from the inside to see if the power locks work from that would give me a bit more information
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I can try that, but it will have to be tomorrow. The car is 45 miles away at KC International Airport.

Ahh I see ok well I can tell you what usually happens with these range rovers is the drivers door latch if working properly will disarm the alarm system even if the remote has failed, but since most people do not use a key to unlock the doors the micro switch tends to fail....So when the remote quits and you go to unlock the door manually the BECM (body computer) does not see the unlock signal from the drivers door latch and will prevent your Range Rover from starting.


So you have a couple of choices since it is stuck at an airport...tow to a dealer, or if your fairly handy with working on your Range Rover you could buy a new latch and install it at the airport or in a pinch and if your comfortable with automotive wiring I could help you to "trick" the body computer into seeing a proper unlock signal...This method will require you to remove the drivers door panel to access the wiring needed to perform this method.



Just reply back to let me know what method you would like to take and I will do what I can to help you out.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Dave,

What you described sounds like the most likely scenario. The driver door external handle has been sticking a bit and not fully closing, and I never open the door with the key. I'm fairly good at following specific instructions (on a computer, anyway) but I'm not very experienced with working on a car. So here's what I'm thinking, let me know what you suggest: It sounds highly likely that a new latch will need to be installed. If so, I really want that done correctly. I'm guessing that I won't be able to run to a store a get one today (Sunday), so since I have towing insurance it might be best to have the car towed to a LandRover repair shop (my brother in-law has used one nearby that he's very happy with) and have them supply and install the new latch. I put new batteries in both of the key fobs yesterday and both took over 1 minute to replace, so I assume they will both need to be re-synchronized to the car. The LandRover repair shop should be able to this, right? If so, that's probably the way I think would best assure me a functioning vehicle in a reasonable timeframe.

On the other hand, If you think that I could find a latch on a Sunday and you could walk me through every step of changing it (including letting me know exactly what tools to take to the airport) I'd be interested to go that route (and of course I assume I would pay you separately for that service.)


Well I would say you are right about not being able to buy a new latch on a Sunday, as far as I know they are only available from a dealer. And installing a new latch is a bit tricky not terrible but does take some practice. I would recommend towing it to the shop that you mentioned. Once the new latch is installed they or even you can resync your remote.

All it takes is to place your key in the drivers door lock, then hold the unlock button on the remote while turning the key from the lock to unlock position.


And as always just reply back if anything comes up, I will be happy to help!



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