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Jim Chill
Jim Chill, Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  15 years Ford dealership experiance 25 years all makes and models
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My car has a loud shaking/rattling sound in the rear when I

Resolved Question:

My car has a loud shaking/rattling sound in the rear when I drive over 50 mph. It goes away slightly when I hit a slight curve or bend but then returns when I straighten out. There is also a loud hollow thump sound in the rear when I hit a pot hole or bump. It feels like the rear may move slightly side to side when I hit a bump in the rear. I do not know if it is associated. I have already repaired the rear struts/mounts, hub bearing, and sway bar bushings with no improvement. The rear tires need replaced but it would be hard for me to believe it would all be associated with the rear tires. Help please.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Jim Chill replied 7 years ago.

You could very well have a bushing<s> that have worn out in the rear control arms or the rear strut rods or both. This would cause a noise and also make it feel like the rear is shifting from side to side a bit and very well make the rear tires wear incorrectly causing premature wear. I would also suggest that a 4 wheel alignment be performed after the suspension and tires are back to 100%. see diagram. Thank you, jim


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