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2004 suzuki forenza: The check engine light came..gauge..overheat

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Hello and good day to all. I have a 2004 suzuki forenza and I think my thermostat is no good. The check engine light came on a couple of days ago but the temperture gauge never went up to hot nor did the car overheat. Today as I turned the car off some smoke came out of the hood, so I checked and saw some antifreeze spraying from the hose that attaches to the thermostat housing (if I am correct about that being the thermostat housing) In my research I found that only zerex antifreeze should be used and that I should mix antifreeze either. If this is true is my thermostat damaged because of wrong antifreeze or mixing? Can i run the car without thermostat for a week? & can I use regular socket wrench to remove the screws on the housing? or could I just empty out the anti freeze and put in new antifreeze. I know is a lot of questions but I need help. Thank you.



Although you should not mix zerex antifreeze, if you already have, simply draining it and refilling with proper mixture antifreeze will solve this problem. You should not have any problems long term from this, and thermostat should be fine. Short term problem is mainly lowering the boiling point which can lead to overheating easier.


Replace the hose that is leaking, drain and refill with proper antifreeze, and you will be good to go.


If you want to change out the thermostat as a precaution, yes you can use regular sockets.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Eric, thanks for your help. I think I failed to mention that the hose is not actually broken the spraying of antifreeze is coming from the very end of the hose where the clamp is attached to the housing. I am no expert but that is what lead me to believe that the thermostat is just plainl shut and pressure just build back into the hose and created the spraying thru the hose junction with the housing, I guess. Is proper mixture the zerex antifreeze you buy at the store 50/50? & can i run the car for a week without the thermostat if need be? Once again, Thank you? Sincerely, Alberto.



Either the thermostat is stuck, which usually will cause it to run hot, the end of the housing is cracked, or there is some corrosion on the housing and the hose is no longer getting a good seal. You will need to pull the hose to insect the last two, and pull the housing to inspect the T-stat.


Yes, you can run it for a week without the thermostat, but you may set a fault code because the engine is not getting up to proper operating temperature. But this will reset itself after the new thermostat is installed.


You can get zerex that is 100% antifreeze, or opt to pay slightly more for the 50/50 mix, which is easier as you get the perfect mixture.

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