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Can I run 2 fuel pumps in series. For example, first one pumps

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Can I run 2 fuel pumps in series. For example, first one pumps from 0 to 60PSI and the second from 60 to 10psi. I'm running a supercharger on a little 1100cc 4cyl engine and am using a 12:1 fuel management unit. I'm going to need aprox 120psi at full boost. The other reason is this is a 4x4 vehicle that we use for exploring in the desert. Getting stranded 50 miles from noware can be deadly. Two pumps gives me one if one goes out as one will run the engine fine without boost.
Thanks Len
You can run two pumps in series, but a 60 PSI pump may not have a housing built to handle 120 PSI on the outlet side. You should contact the manufacturer of the pump to see if it's capable of higher pressure than what it's rated to create. Another down-side to having two pumps in series is that the second pump may not be able to pull fuel through the one that's not turning. You may be able to run with just one, but with lower fuel pressure you will run lean and that can damage the engine. What I would do is run a single 120 PSI pump and carry a spare. Jegs has one at

One other thing to consider, that's not part of what you asked, is that when offroading you should always have a second vehicle with you just incase something breaks on yours.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you. It's our intention to carry a small motorcycle on the rear just in case. We do carry enough supplies and water for at least 1 week including camping and keep warm gear along with backpacks in case we need to hike out. Living in the west near the desert, it's not uncommon to hear of someone lost or stranded and dying of lack of water. Happens several times a times a year through out the west. Think I'll go with the 120 psi pump. Someone sujested the two pumps but I wans't real sure of it.

Thanks again


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