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Alarm..Drove..the flashers started going, locks were..interior

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Land Rover LR3 Flashers and alarm self actuate. I washed the car (and lightly hosed off the motor). Drove a bit for gas, came home was mowing the lawn about 30 minutes later and the flashers started going, locks were cycling, the radio going on and off, interior dome lights on and off all on their own!!!! Key fob would not stop them. Disconnected battery. Reconnected and it all started again immediately. Got in and drove - everything working as normal, had a series of different fault lights come on and off (no actual faults). Disconncted battery overnight. Connected battry AM an no issues - drove 30 minutes to work, got out, locked with key fob all was OK - 2 minutes later the light show started!!!

Welcome to JA.


It sounds like you may have got some water on the ecu's behind the battery. Take out the battery and take the cover off of the box behind the battery towards the firewall. The ecu you will see behind the cover is the transfer case control module. The grommets for the wiring harnesses that go into that box leak and it gets water into that module. Pull of the connectors there will be a blue, yellow, and a gray connector. See if you see any water or corrosion on the connectors if so clean the connectors an you will Below is a pic of a Range Rover sport but the module is in the same place.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I figured a short of some sort - this is not an issue of toasting the ECU is it? Once clear should I hit it with some WD 40 - or just a cloth ?

The water will cause an internal short. This problem is a common occurence. I would not worry about spraying it with wd-40. If there is corrosion you will have to clean the connectors with elctrical cleaner just let it sit and it will evaporate. If there is water or corrosion on the connectors you will have to replace the module.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I just went out to go about it, but I am at work so will have to wait at least until lunch to do a cloth wipe.


I reconnected the baterry just now and it did not excite anything, and I locked it with the key fob and it remained locked and did not start going crazy - is it possible the water will evaporate on its own?


I am thinking that as this happened only yesterday, the chances of corrosion are small - but are you saying that if the connectors on the module itself are corroded it requires replacing the module?



ok sounds good.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This fix seems to have worked - just as a follow on question do you recommend packing these pins/plugs with dyelectric grease?

You dont have to just make sure the grommets where the 2 wiring harnesses go into that box are seated correctly so no more water gets in there.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Got a check engine light (amber) this morning, no noticeable reduction in performance, do I need to worry right away?

I wouldnt worry it shouldnt be that big of a deal. If you get a message in the message center that says reduced engine performance then I would take it in. As long as it is running ok then you should be good to go for right now.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Got a P0130 code at AutoZone - are both of the forward O2 sensors the same - I can't find a difference but note different part numbers for the downstream ones

P0130 is bank 1 sensor 1. Your car may need to have the software updated in the powertrain control module. If it hasnt been done in the last couple of years then this may rectify the O2 sensor fault. There are Land Rover bulletins about this code sayoing this is the fix. The only way to know if you have th latest tune is to have it checked with the diagnostic equipment at the dealer. If you want to replace it both of the front sensors are the same.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I ordered a pair of the O2 sensores pre cat coverter to replace at the same time, got the "exact fit" with plugs already attached and the wires are shorter than the ones installed - confirmed part numbers through Bosch (13476). Is it normal, just a matter of rotuing the wires differently?
The only thing I could find said that both of the sensors were the same and I thought they were from memory. I will have to verify this on monday when I get back to work. Thanks for your patience.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
what turns out is that they fit wire length wise, but the plugs themselves are a little undersize, and the pins in the plugs are about half the size they should be. Returning them to Rock Auto for refind and have to figure out what gives!?
Ok so they are the same then. I would go to the dealer that way you will for sure get the right ones. Or try or they both carry OEM LR parts for cheaper.