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89 isuzu trooper: speed manual..idling/in neutral..and..leaking oil

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Hello. I just bought an '89 Izusu Trooper 5 speed manual...and it turns off while it is idling/in neutral..and it is leaking oil..what seems to be the problem??
hi dandie, I think you just need some minor maintenance, firstly, your gonna need to have them find out where that leak is from and have it fixed, cant be anything too serious, but these leaks leak on other things and cause more problems, secondly I think a good throttle body cleaning and throttle plate cleaning, along with the idle air control valve being checked/cleaned or replaced if need be. will clear you right up, sounds like a lot but really isn't, after that I suggest you change the pcv valve, and fuel filter.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hello, I know the best way to find the problem is too physically see the car. So, I had a local mechanic come by my house and look under the hood and run the engine. He said it looked pretty bad and that the car would most likely need a new ENGINE! YIKES! He said the oil is leaking into the intake and shooting/blowing out from the engine oil dipstick. I paid $1100. for the Trooper so far...and the mechanic said it would cost way over that and that to actually find the engine/parts would be difficult given it's an '89! I am so bummed! I badly needed the car and perhaps would like to fix it, but that mechanic is saying it's not worth it! What do you think?
mmmm, no.! get a second opinion and before you go ahead and pay all that money or junk it, get your second opinion or at least spend the few dollars that is needed to do what I said, you know If I was the local mechanic I would try to make some money too, by saying blah blah everything is screwed up. first thing they want to say is, you need a new computer or you need a new engine. always get a second or sometimes a third opinion, some of these people just want to make a buck, or a few thousand.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I see...well I really hope your far as my car only needing minor maintanence rather than a whole new engine or junking it. Just one last bit of advice please. The salesman said for me to have my car towed back to his lot so his mechanic could re-adjust whatever needs fixing...should i advise him of the information you have given me as possible problems?? I dont want to be had, by having them "fix" it temporarily and I'm assed out on the street with my children in the back seat :( What all you suggest I do before making any decisions?? like i said I just bought it "as is" for $1250 (I paid $1100. and still owe $150. including the smog check;pass). I do like the car, but just want to be safe, not sorry.


im sure he wants you to tow it back to his place, so he can put you in a bind, didn't he say you need a new engine,? so how can he fix what needs to be fixed, it needs a new engine right? no! forget him and move on. sounds like an opportunity to be had. you know the technical schools do a decent job at diagnosing, you know the car technical schools, they are run by master mechanics, ,and only charge about 30 dollars an hour as opposed to 100 dollars an hour anywhere else. anyway , please don't mess yourself can go see some of the guys that work in the bays at the dealerships, they will charge a fraction to fix your car.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Oh no the salesman JOHN had me tow it back to his lot in which he had his mechanic fix my car. The mechanic I was refering to, was a local mechanic around the corner of my house and he's the one who told me I needed a new engine, and just ask for my money back from JOHN at the dealership or ask for another car. SOOOO...yesterday I had it towed and hr just called me and said my car was ready...he said there wasn't enough air in the gasket?? that's why the idle was so low?? he said i need to get a new dipstick because oil is shooting out...
wow, see. you cannot trust everyone in this business, and always get second and third opinions. this is great. keep me posted
joe and 9 other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hey thanks for all your advice! Are you near Los Angeles, maybe you could check out my car!!!? Yeah, on Tuesday I went back to the dealership and picked up the "trooper" because he said the car was cool/running. I literally had just left the lot and while the car was in motion, completely turns off, AGAIN! Luckily, no accidents...etc. and I was towed back home, me and my three little ones! You know, when it turns off it's as if it's out of gas, you know! IT JUST ROLLS UNTIL IT COMES TO A STOP. So, yeah I paid $1100. for it...if THE REPAIRS happens to be something "MAJOR" do you think it's WORTH me fixing myself, IF I CANT GET MY MONEY BACK with a reliable/knowledgeable mechanic, even though I just bought it last Friday????? i'M GOING TO PAY YOU NOW, TOO. LOL ;) BUT STILL REPLY AND KEEP IN TOUCH!

I am so sorry, you know what you need to do, report the people you bought the car from, to dmv, they frown on this kind of stuff, or call them up and tell them if they don't fix your car or give your money back your going to the dmv and to the state attorney generals office, then pay the thirty dollar fee and go to small claims let these people know you are not to be had, Im serious, this is why they get away with so much, because either people don't know what to do, or they are intimidated.
p.s I wish i lived over there i would have no problem looking at your car.
keep in touch,I will too.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks so much for your advice! Well I'll tell you whats going on now...I decided to to have the car towed. again to a mechanic shop in Downey. On FRIDAY the guy tells me basically it needs a rebuilt engine block, because of the oil leaking everywhere, in places it wasnt supposed to..i.e. where only air is suppposed to pass and/or gas only. I spoke to the actual owner of on SATURDAY EVENING I went down to the dealership and spoke to the OWNER told him everything I've been going through and he responds saying he had a WARRANTY from HIS MECHANIC on the repairs he has made himself in order to sell it...and even though he sold it to me AS IS he is willing to help me. SOOO...he followed me and my dad in the rain to go pick up the car himself so he can take it back to his mechanic to fix it...but from what it looks he doesnt really believe my mechanic on the trooper needing a new engine, cause he said he has driven it to the valley and back twice prior to putting it up for sale!He also DROVE it back to his lot that night himself! IDK...I havent called him back yet cause I'm hoping he has enough time to REALLY get it fixed! Pheww! That was a mouth full....Hope eveything is going well for YOU!!! Nice hearing from YOU!
hi sandie, see I know you don't need an engine, I am so afraid to admit what might have caused all that leaking, and it is so inexpensive and easy to replace, a pcv valve, yes a pcv valve, pcv means Positive Crankcase Ventilation , which means all the gases etc from the engine block, needs a place to go, the pcv takes care of that by venting all this stuff,. Well, if the pcv valve is faulty and the block cant vent itself, guess what?, it will find other places to vent, which can mean blowing gaskets, plugs, o rings, etc, to relieve itself, I am not positive this is the case, but it is sure a huge possibility. keep in touch.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi JOE! I hear what your saying, but you know what, I decided to on getting most of my money back from that whacked out dealership.I paid $1100. and they gave me back $900. Yeah my dad ended up buying a 2000 Jeep Cherokee for $5000. and he's gonna let me pay him back over time! But this car is niice and runs smooth for it's year. AND NO LEAKS! I guess after seeing me go through all that mess with the TROOPER, he felt he had to help me out! SO I'M HAPPY. My dad says I did good by getting most of my money back, and that it was a hard lesson to learn! YES IT WAS...You know they showed me a part that was damaged and all the oil leaking everywhere it ruined the starter and a lotta areas...I'm just glad I'm safe and secure, and most of all worry free.


I sincerely XXXXX XXXXX the help and insight you've given me. Thanks SO much!


your very welcome, Im glad, your ok now, and I know you ''ve learned your lesson, that 2000 jeep is like a brand new car. enjoy it, and always keep an eye on your fluids, oil, transmission, brake, coolant, power steering, and you'll be fine. keep in touch, I'll always be here
joe m.