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Where is the starter located on a 2001 Olds aurora

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where is the starter located on a 2001 Olds aurora

Hello,the starter is located under the vehicle on the front side of the engine block next to the radiator right above your engine oil pan.It will have a large power wire going to it and one or two small wires,usually the big power wire is red and the little wire is purple.Below is a picture.Hope this helped,if you need anything else let me know,Thanks Pete.




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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Are any special tools needed to replace it? or any tricks involved , or is it pretty straight forward?
It should be pretty straight forward,first disconnect the ground cable from the battery,then remove any plastic covers covering the nose of the starter (usually these covers are held in with bolts),then disconnect the wiring from the starter solenoid,then remove the two bolts holding the starter in and remove the starter,it may be a little difficult to get to with the engine sub frame in the way but it shouldn't be to bad of a job.I hope this helped,if you need anything else let me now,if you feel satisfied that I have assisted please click the accept button as this is how I get paid,positive feedback is appreciated,Thanks Pete.