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2001 Saab: 3 from a local dealer

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I just boughta 2001 Saab 9-3 from a local dealer. I have 48 hours to look it over and make sure all is in working order. Can someone give me an opinion as to what to get looked over before the purchase on this vehicle is finalized on Saturday. It is critical as I purchased it for a teenager and wish to ensure that it is mechanically safe and sound.

I believe you have a good car on your hands. You have a couple of fuel line recalls and bulletins. if you check to make sure they are taken care of you will be fine. I am going to include the list I have but dont read into it negetively. this is a very short list for a car thats 2001. most cars have twice as much. You will not be able to open these you will only be able to view the topics.


All Technical Service Bulletins
09-08-48-00609/18/2009 Body - Stain/Film On Inside Perimeter Of Windshield
08089C11/18/2008 Campaign - Deactivation Of Analog OnStar(R)
05-06-04-022E08/06/2008 Fuel System - TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline
08-07-30-00401/31/2008 A/T - Oil Cooler Fitting Change
234-262606/01/2007 Recall 150 18 - Fuel Line Connection To Fuel Pump
07-08-98-00104/02/2007 Body - 'Clipping' NOT APPROVED for Collision Repair
645-266001/01/2007 Steering - EHPS Steering Module Code C1550 37 Diagnosis
248-2611205/01/2006 Recall - Ignition Module Replacement
NHTSA06V12600004/20/2006 Recall 06V126000: Potential Fuel Line Spearation
NHTSA05V39900009/13/2005 Recall 05V399000: Ignition Discharge Module Overheating
210-256106/01/2005 Engine - Timing Chain Noise/Oil Sludging
219-249403/01/2005 Engine - Reduced Performance/Turbo DTC's Set
850-252802/01/2005 Restraints - Pyrotechnic Device Component Usage
248-250211/01/2004 Ignition System - Ignition Module Selection
NHTSA04V55700011/01/2004 Recall 04V557000: Fuel Line Bracket Installation
291-249411/01/2004 Engine - Reduced Power/Turbo Control Valve DTC's
248-249311/01/2004 Engine Controls - Catalytic Converter Fault Diagnosis
291-250511/01/2004 Engine - Turbocharger By-Pass Valve Replacement
100-249009/01/2004 Maintenance - Time/Mileage Service Interval Warning
210-241810/01/2003 Engine - Oil Leaks/Excessive Oil Consumption
03-02-85402/01/2003 A/C - No Compressor Engagement/Disengagement
986-238012/01/2002 Recall - Detachable Tow Bar (Trailer Hitch) Replacement
870-235005/01/2002 A/C - Intermittent A/C Panel Autocalibration/DTC #22
331-234804/01/2002 Starter Motor - Inoperative
02-03-47103/01/2002 M/T - Gearbox Oil Application
291-233802/01/2002 Engine - Turbocharger Rattles/Low Output
845-229410/01/2001 Campaign - Possible Rear Lighting Failure
850-230007/01/2001 Recall - Air Bag Alert Label Replacement
371-1703406/01/2001 Electrical - Wiring Harness Repair Kit
771-229806/01/2001 Campaign - Incorrect Wheels/Tires Installed
NHTSA01V16800005/18/2001 Recall 01V168000: Air Bag Alert Label
644-229304/01/2001 Recall - Steering Shaft Coupler Nut Torque
01-02-36502/01/2001 Electrical - Wiring Diagram Revision
631-222612/01/2000 Campaign - Suspension Arm Replacement
012-904809/01/2000 Model Code Information
011-904709/01/2000 Vehicle Identification Number Code
113-904509/01/2000 Service Interval Information
890-904909/01/2000 Paint Colors - Cross Reference & Information
00-07-21007/01/2000 Engine - Synthetic Oil Recommendations
311-214505/01/1999 Electrical - Battery Maintenance
852-1573211/01/1998 Interior - Seat Cover Replacement Procedure

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thankis Daniel:


Cannot open these items to the dealership and make sure that all these have been installed? Carfax shows the same shop for repair.


Kindly advise


Print out the list and show the dealer the items are listed by code that they can bring up. Also the dealer should be able to show record of all recalls that have been done. I can open a couple for you but they are huge files so i would have to send as a pdf.
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