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2003 B4000: wont knocks and dies on the spot my oil gauge

Customer Question

my 2003 B4000 died while driving all my lights stayed on and now my enigne wont start..when i try to turn it over it knocks and dies on the spot my oil gauge shoots up and then plummets down.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Car expert replied 7 years ago.

It's possible you may have a faulty fuel pump or faulty an Inertia switch , let's take a fuel pressure test and tell me what the fuel pressure reading is while you're cranking the engine over , and also let's check some wiring .

Check fuse 23 (20 amp) of the Battery Junction Box (BJB) for a being blown, missing, or poorly connected.

If the fuse is ok and has power, remove the Fuel Pump (FP) relay from its holder and install a jumper wire between relay holder terminals 3 and 5. This should result in running of the fuel pump even with the ignition switch turned off.

If the fuel pump does not run, access the inertia switch located behind the passenger side kick panel and check it for having tripped and that the connector is properly seated. Verify with a standard 12-volt test light that the Dark Green/Yellow (DG/YE) wire is showing power from the FP relay holder and verify that the Pink/Black (PK/BK) wire is showing power through the switch.

If power is present on the PK/BK (coming out of the switch), access the pump connection and check the PK/BK wire at the pump to determine if the circuit is open.

Check the Black (BK) wire of the fuel pump connection to verify it is a good ground.