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Doing the brakes on a 1995 Range Rover...worn, that the metal..pads

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Doing the brakes on a 1995 Range Rover. A friend told me that the brake discs are not intended to be surfaced if worn, that the metal of the disc is soft and will deteriorate rapidly after surfacing. He says that the usual routine for Rovers is to continue replacing pads until the disc is no longer usable then to replace.

I've never heard of any such thing. I've done hundreds of brake jobs on all types of vehicles and I have never encountered such. I cannot understand why a manufacturer would saddle equipment with parts which when repaired would obviously not give optimal performance.

The question is: Do I resurface (grind etc) a grooved disc or just drop in a new set of pads?

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I have resurfaced many rotors on the Rovers never had any problem with it either. Go ahead and resurface the rotor when replacing the pads.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Additional question for clarification:


Can you think of ANY reason that one would not resurface overly-worn disc rotors on Rovers except for emergency conditions?


I thank you in advance for your considered opinion and also thank you for your prompt reply to the post above.

The only reason someone would not resurface the rotors is if the rotors are below the specified minimum thickness.


Which for your car is :


Brake Rotor Minimal Machining

.870 (In thousandths of an inch)


Brake Rotor Minimal Machining

.460 (In thousandths of an inch)

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