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Overheat..hoses..There is no cap on the radiator but there

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I have a overheat problem on a Landrover, 2002, Discovery II, I had the same problem a mounth ago and replaced the thermostat and had no problem for all most a mounth and now it returns?? The thermostat is not in the block but is in-line on the hoses. There is no cap on the radiator but there is a tee conection that I used to fill the coolling system back up, as well in this tee there is a 1/4" screw ( plastic ) that I think for to top off the coollen and to possible remove any air trap in the system. There is a side water box to add small amounts of water as time goes by,but is not intened to fill raidiator in that way. There is no visable water leaks from the car so the only thing I can thik of is a head gasget that is small and is going to a exsahl side of the motor. I have checked the dip stick and only is on it. ( Good singe ) Any help would be great, Rawn P
Hi -do pressure test for coolant system. That way you will know if coolant leaks out . If no leaks will be found it may be your water pump weak or loose water pump belt -good luck.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Could you tell me how to pressurize the system with out a radiator cap?? The belt is good and has plenty of tension on it. If the water pump were bad it would leak or the motor would heat up right away. but the car may go for three miles and stop at four or five light be for it overheats?? What is the proper way to fill the radiator// Was I supose to accept your first answer?? befor you give me a answer in my reply?? If so I accecpt it, But it not the standar colling system in a Landrover??

ok -here what we need to do.Start your engine and ran it at fast idle (about 2000 rpm) When coolant temperature reaches 80-85 degrees C. check lower radiator hose . If hose stays cold -this is confirmation that thermostat is inoperative. Does your radiator fan ever kicks in? What gauge readings when engine is overheated? Coolant in your car is pretty much stand art. but it has one more valve-in coolant bypass hose,which is held by light spring, so at idle speed pump is not creating sufficient flow to open bypass valve. this could be your problem too. i'll send you schematic of your coolant system . And you don't have to accept my answer -you don't own me nothing until i'll help you solve your problem


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Your answer is help full if there is enough coolant in the system when checked. I still need to know the proper way to insure there is a full coolant in the system. Do I break the hose at the tee to add coolant and then fill through 1/4 plug to be sure there is no air in system?? What is the proper way to fill system on a Landrover? When I replaced the thermostat and refilled the coolant and drove it on a trip of 350 miles and then had no problems for the 20 days. In all that time did not add any thing to radiator or did it over heat?? Where this tee is the highest point of the system and is above the top of the radiator that would make a air pocket?? P.S. your two diagram were nice but to small to read and if I went to 200% increed still could not read it?? Rawn
Download diagrams and open them with windows picture viewer. 1/4 screw is a bleeder. You was doing right by refilling system by a T-fitting. My repair manual does not specify refilling processure of coolant system. Put as much as you can coolant in system ,crack bleeder open and check if there is no air. Then warm up engine to working temperature. Shut off and let's cool off completely. If there is not enough coolant in the system, coolant should flow from expantion tank to system. with engine cold crack bleeding screw open again and check if there is no air. First indication of air in system is : there is no heat coming inside the cab. If you are getting heat but engine overheats then it could be bypass valve stuking closed. To confirm sticking bypass valve try this: when engine overheats rev up your engine to 2000 rpm and watch your temp gauge. If gauge needle will go to lower readings then it is bypass valve causing problems. Good luck
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX is what I needed to proceed. I wasn't sure to repeat the same method of filling to start the process. All of your information was help-full but it was my problem to put in proper order. Thank you for your payshionsanswers. Rawn

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