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2003 Lincoln Aviator: dealership mechanic..wont start..dies..hood

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Good day!
We have a 2003 Lincoln Aviator which we have had to deal with an issue for about 3 months. Have taken to a mechanic then a dealership mechanic who just can't seem to figure out what is going on!!! the truck will either do 2 things-- won't start at all or we will be driving and unexpectedly it dies (we have replaced the key thinking it is the chip) The radio and heat at this time are unaffected by this so we don't think it is a battery issue (we think) but I have went out and opened the hood and shook the relay box as well as any wires that are seen and miraculously it ran like a top for about a week I think there is a short the husband thinks it could be more .... any thoughts as to what we are missing or could relay to a mechanic that they may be over looking??? thank you!

Hello and thank you for choosing Just Answer.

When the car dies while you are driving, do you have to wait a little and then it starts back up?


Also when the mechanic did the diagnostic did he come up with anything ? ( In other words, were there any codes, was the car not firing, was there no fuel?)

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
YES we have waited up to 5 minutes before we can get going again...
only thing stated yes we did diagnostic everything looked ok....

I have encountered this plenty of times before.


This sounds like a bad crankshaft position sensor. When this sensor is defective the car will lose spark and not start. This may happen while driving and the car will simply turn off, then you have to wait for it to reset and it will let you restart.

Here is what the mechanic/you should do. When the car will not start or turns off and will not start, do a quick spark test to see if the car has lost spark.

It's a little hard to diagnose this problem because in order to find that the spark has been lost the car has to refuse to start.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I sure hope this isn't a foolish question but you know I'm just the wifey and I use the "slam it" method what is a spark test?

A spark test is a way of testing if the ignition system is firing. (As I said it has to be done when the car does not want to start).


What you would do is:

Pull one of the ignition coils and see if the coils is actually sending spark to the spark plugs.


Since this car has coils, it should be done using a spark tester.

Take the ignition coil off and attach the spark tester to the coil. Then attach the tester to a good ground source.

Then someone would crank the car while the mechanic/tester is looking if a little blue electric arc is shooting out of the ignition coil.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you so much for your time..

Not a problem I hope it helps and works out!

Goood luck.

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