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why does my 95 chev lumina apv, have no spark?

Resolved Question:

why does my 95 chev lumina apv, have no spark?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 7 years ago.
graphichi ,there are a few things to check for here if you have no spark ,first ths coil ,graphic REMOVE OR DISCONNECT
  1. Ignition key "OFF."
  2. Two electrical connectors from coil.


  • Ignition coil with ohmmeter for opens and grounds.
  • STEP 1 - Test for short to ground between B+ (to distributor) terminal and ground.
  • Use high scale on meter.
  • Should read very high (infinite). If not, install a new coil.
  • STEP 2 - Test for open between C-(tach) terminal and C-(to distributor) terminal.
  • Use low scale on meter.
  • Should read very low or zero. If not, install a new coil.
  • STEP 3 - Test for open between B+ (from ignition switch terminal and secondary output terminal.
  • Use high scale on meter.
  • Should not read infinite. If it does, install a new coil

This chart assumes that battery condition and engine cranking speed are OK, and there is adequate fuel in the tank.

Number(s) below refer to circled number(s) on the diagnostic chart.

  1. A Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) (Service Engine Soon) "ON" is a basic test to determine if there is a 12 volts supply and ignition 12 volts to Powertrain Control Module (PCM). No Data Link Connector (DLC) may be due to a PCM problem and A Charts/Chart A-2 No DLC Data or DTC 12 - MIL "ON" Steady will diagnose the PCM. See: Diagnostic Trouble Code Tests and Associated Procedures\Related Tests and Information\A Charts\Chart A-2 No DLC Data or DTC 12 - MIL ON Steady If Throttle Position (TP) sensor is over 2.5 volts, the engine may be in the clear flood mode which will cause starting problems. The engine will not start without reference pulses and therefore, the Tech 1 scan tool should read RPM (reference) during crank.
  2. No spark may be caused by one of several components related to the ignition system. C Charts/Chart C-4B Ignition System Check will address all problems related to the causes of a no spark condition. See: Diagnostic Trouble Code Tests and Associated Procedures\Related Tests and Information\C Charts\Chart C-4B Ignition System Check
  3. Fuel spray from the injector(s) indicates that fuel is available. However, the engine could be severely flooded due to too much fuel.
  4. While cranking engine, there should be no fuel spray with injector disconnected. Replace an injector if it sprays fuel or drips like a leaking water faucet.
  5. The fuel pressure will drop after the fuel pump stops running due to a controlled bleed in the fuel system. Use of the fuel pressure gauge will determine if fuel system pressure is enough for engine to start and run.
  6. No fuel spray from injector indicates a faulty fuel system or no PCM control of injector.
  7. This test will determine if the ignition control module is not generating the reference pulse or if the wiring or PCM are at fault by touching and removing a test light to B+ on CKT 430, a reference pulse should be generated. If injector test light blinks, the PCM and wiring are ok






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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
apparently there has been a problem with this make and model, is there any way of finding out the most common electrical (no spark) problem?
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 7 years ago.
yes ,you can take the ignition module off and go to a prts store and get that checked ,that is the most common problem for a no spark situation on these engines ...guy...