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Dave, Land Rover Shopforeman
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Experience:  Land Rover Master Technican/ASE Master Technican. 12 years Land Rover Experience
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on my 2005 rr my battery suddenly died after 2 jumped..abs

Customer Question

on my 2005 RR my battery suddenly died after 2 days of not driving it. I got it jumped but now the Air Suspension Inactive message is showing and the ABS, HDC lights are on. The manual says that I cannot drive more than 45 mph. I live in NC and am visiting Atlanta for the holiday. Do you think these messages have anything to do with the battery, will they eventually reset or am I stranded???? Any help would be appreciated.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Dave replied 7 years ago.

These lights usually come on anytime the battery fails. I would recommend having the battery replaced or tested and while the battery is out touch the postivie and negative battery cables togther for about 30 secs. before reconnecting the cables to the new battery..this will usually clear the faults.


If the lights do not go out about the only thing you should know is that you may not have any ABS braking which could be a problem if you are driving in snow or ice. Otherwise the brakes are fine and wont cause any problems except for the lack of ABS brakes


I hope that helps you get on with your holiday