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fuel injection system cleaning on my last service..only start

Resolved Question:

I had a fuel injection system cleaning on my last service - heh :) Wot da *** is dat is wonder? Cost me $150. Now when I fill up with gas, I have to pump the gas and the engine will only start on the 2nd or 3rd try - doesn't seem to be getting worse. Car has 116+ thousand miles on it so it's old. :)

NB: Only happens when just filled with gas. Starts normally and always at other times - even when cold it's fine - maybe I can hear a slight straining - it's 30 degrees out there at the moment - I wouldn't expect otherwise even from a brand new car.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 7 years ago.
hi, and happy new year.I would check the fuel pressure it should be around 330 - 350 kPa (47 - 50 psi) at Curb Idle,a lot of times when the fuel pump starts making a different sound it is starting to get wear,we can go on from here ....guy...
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Which implies it would need a new fuel pump? Any idea how much that should cost? It's an old car.

The first thing the dealership will tell me is the timing belt/chain needs replacing, which gets them a nice chunk of change :)
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 7 years ago.
yes , the fuel pump has more than likely lower pressure and when you take off the cap and fill it it loses some,the pump only takes around 1 hour to change and it will cost around $ 234.00...guy
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Cool. Thx
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 7 years ago.
are very welcome ...guyyou