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2002 Suzuki: the radio/cd/cigarette lighter is not working..fuses

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I have a 2002 Suzuki and the radio/cd/cigarette lighter is not working. I use the lighter for connection to use GPS. I have had fuses checked they are good. what could be the problem? I don't want to have to wait in service to find out I needed new system/radio etc. and pay labor fee.



Just ro recap, I need you to verify that you have voltage, not that the fuses are not blown, but actual voltage using a meter or test lamp at the following fuses located in the under dash fuse box.


Cigar fuse 25 amp: Accessory fuse 15 amp:



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The lighter lights up but does not connect when placing in adapter. Radio/cd/lighter not working.




60A Cigar lighter,Radio,(Does not work)

Wiper,Wisher,Rear defroster,Turn signal light, Back light (All work and are on same Fuses)


So I do have voltage for the rest as stated ubove. Fuse box for this model is under the hood, not floor board. I have not tried test lamp or meter. Ace looked at it for me and said fuses where fine.

top diagram shows a fuse box surrounded by relays at left kick panel.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for information but I have manual in front of me. My question is why am I not able to get power to radio/cd/cigarette lighter if all the other parts from previous converstion is working on same Fuse. Where is the drop down box?

Looking at the wire diagram I sent, you will see that to the left {25 and 15 amp fuse} are fed by the #9 pin on the ignition switch. If there is a bad contact on the switch, it can cause the radio and lighter to be in-op with large loads; however, if you are installing the lighter element and it heats up, then you have a radio circuit issue, and the radio needs to come out and the voltage checked at the back of the radio.


As you can see, the attached diagram does show the under hood fuse box. This feeds some systems attached to the smaller under dash box. Kind of like a sub fuse panel in a home.



Oh, drop down box us up to right.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I would like to accept but I have not heard an answer to my question.
I am really trying to give you the information you need; however, there is a possibility that you have a 2003 set up. Please check the 10 digit of the vin number. It is either a 2 or a 3, and the door for the production date. If it was built close to Month 8 or 9, that will explain our communication issues. I am sending you info for a 2002 like you asked.

Looking at the 2003, the fuses are located all under the hood, however there is an accessory relay located in the under dash relay box. This does power the radio and the accessory sockets. I do believe that you have a 2002; however it is a late in 02 manufacture, that was given 2003 electronics.


It happens a lot with Ford also.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Checked vin # XXXXX 2 or 3 and the month 07 yr 01. Houston we have a communication problem.


Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7


Your killing me. Lol


O.K. 2001/2001 same {see first correspondence} 2003 {see newer stuff sent} You have tapped the well for all 3 model years. Next step, put your head under the dash, and locate that fuse box. If for any reason it is not there {see picture sent} then look for the relay.


I do not second guess Suzuki, Daewoo, Dihatsu or pre 20000 Kia's. It is always a lesson in patience.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Are you sure I am not speaking to India and your name is Sam? LOL


Serious- I had brought my car into Advance Auto parts, I said ACE mistaken. The rep looked at my fuses checked car out and said fuses are fine. I know where box is. My question is If I am able to get the rest of my car parts working on same fuse than why doesn't my radio/cigarette lighter work so I can sing along with my songs and have an adapter to find where I am going?

O.K. Have we determined if you found the under dash box yet?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.



The model car I have only has fuse box underhood. When I brought my car into Advance Auto we checked for other fuse box but could not locate in area or any other area of car on the inside.


I think that I need to bring car into shop because we keep going back and forth. I appreiciate you trying to help. I wish you a happy New year.

So what your telling me, is the other diagram with the under hood box is no help? It shows the accessory relay under the dash. Considering the issue with the vehicle info, I would not be surprised if this was a match. For an example, I Had a 1997 F350 with 1995 wiring. Took a bit of back tracking to figure out what Ford had done.
Scott and 11 other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.



If it is under the dash then I am unable to get at it to see. I still have to bring it in and it is not an easy fuse problem. I just don't understand why under one large fuse that all the other parts work except for these parts. Thanks for trying.

When looking ate either diagram, you will see that the large fuse feeds many systems, but also feeds other fuse panels. Like I stated before, like a house with a main panel, and then in the workshop, a sub panel.


Good luck.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you Scott,


My son came home and was able to find panel located way underneath dash board and he finally replaced fuse. He is a big guy and it took him awhile but it works. left you tip on site. Happy New Year!

Remember, parts store guys are just that. They do not have the experience or the resources that I have. {by the way, I was also working in the shop also, I checked up on you between cars and waiting on parts}


I thank you for the bonus, and when in trouble, please ask for me again. {schmainkman}


Oh, always refer to 10th digit on vin for year also. Helps out a lot if you supply the last eight next time, and tell your son I feel for him. I am 6'5" and 280.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Ok So your not from India and your name isn't sam. My apology. it is nice to have someone know what they are doing. Thanks again!Happy New Year!!!!!!


you too