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Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly, Auto Mechanic
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Experience:  17 years experience as a auto mechanic,foreign and domestic.5 years running my own repair business.
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Hyundai XG350L Got Error Codes P1191 and P1193.

Customer Question

I have a 2002 hyundai XG350L. In 7/02, 2/03 and 7/09 these error codes appeared: P1191 and P1193. In 7/09 I was advised that the whole throttle body assembly needed to be replaced at MY cost. Why did it need to be replaced then? Shouldn't of been replaced previously? Please note inbetween 7/02 and 7/09 this car was in for service with constant complaints of shaking, shifting hard, rough idle and stalling out. I suspect this replacement wasn't necessary and I got the shaft. Any way to know for sure? Thank you.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Mike Kelly replied 7 years ago.
Hi,how are you?I believe you have had this question before that i answered for you,are you needing further information?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes. I just wondered why the TBA needed to be replaced this time (NOW), when the codes had previously shown up and the car has a long history of idle, shifting and stalling problems. I feel like Ive been ripped off and am not happy about it. The situation just seems to suspicious. What would make it necessary now and not back in 7/02? or 2/03? I suspect all the other times inbetween 2/03 and 7/09 that the car was serviced for idling, shifting and stalling problems that the codes were just "conveniently" not listed on the service printouts. Any advise? Thanks.
Expert:  Mike Kelly replied 7 years ago.
Ok,i am going to reply through info-request so you do not have to pay again as you were very generous last question and i thank you.It is my believe that the issue has always been the tba and should have been replaced the fvery first time that the vehicle had the idle issues.I also am in the believe that the dealer knew this as well.I am also a warranty inspector for mechanical claims for two different warranty companies.The type of things i run across that goes on at dealerships is flat ridiculous.Hyundai has a long history with idle issues and the tba on all models.An option for you is to have a mechanic remove the tba and clean it as the carbon build up in it is what eventually is it's demise.This might prevent you from having to replace the tba at this time and save you some money.As far as getting the dealer to admit wrong doing,this is a very difficult task to do and often times can involve an attorney.
Expert:  Mike Kelly replied 7 years ago.
I apologize i meant to hit the info-request button,don't accept,thanks.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you! Problem is it is already said and done. If I cant get any satisfaction I plan to file a claim in Small Claims Court.
Expert:  Mike Kelly replied 7 years ago.
Yes,that is most definitely what i would do,i would try to work it out with them.But then off to court i would be,just make sure you have all documentation from them.Most of the time just presenting a letter on a law firms letter head is enough for the dealer to take you serious.