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How do I replace rear drum brakes for a 2005 nissan sentra

Resolved Question:

How do I replace rear drum brakes for a 2005 nissan sentra? I need step by step instructions.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  brownjeff replied 7 years ago.
  1. Remove wheel and tire. Refer to Tire Rotation.

  1. Release parking brake lever fully, then remove drum.
    • If drum is hard to remove, remove adjuster plug. Shorten adjuster as shown to make clearance between brake shoe and drum. Install two bolts as shown. Tighten the two bolts gradually.

  1. After removing retainer, remove spring by rotating shoes. NOTE: Be careful not to damage parking brake cable when separating it.
  2. Remove adjuster.
  3. Disconnect parking brake cable from toggle lever.

  1. Remove retainer ring with a suitable tool. Then separate toggle lever and adjusting lever from the brake shoe. Installation
    • Always perform shoe clearance adjustment.
    • Burnish the brake contact surfaces after refinishing or replacing drums, after replacing linings, or if a soft pedal occurs at very low mileage. Fit toggle lever and adjusting lever to brake shoe with retainer ring.

  1. Apply brake grease to the contact areas shown.

  1. Shorten adjuster by rotating it.
    • Pay attention to direction of adjuster.

  1. Connect parking brake cable to toggle lever.
  2. Install all parts.
  3. Check that all parts are installed properly.
  4. Install brake drum.
  5. Adjust parking brake.
  6. Install wheel and tire. Refer to Tire Rotation.
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