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flush..thermostat / coolant / oil and oil filter..vehicle seems to rev

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During a recent weatherization service, I had a radiator flush and fill service done, Changed the thermostat / coolant / oil and oil filter. but I could not find the radiator cap. Now the vehicle seems to rev more often after the service was completed. Does my vehicle have a radiator cap and where is it located? What could be causing the frequent high reving especially during the initial cold starts in the mornings? I look forward to your reply. Lic. Conti. 4-door SEDAN / 1998
There is not a cap on the radiator, but it is on the plastic coolant expansion tank. The high idle could be from a vacuum leak. These engines are known for the rubber elbows on the PCV hose deteriorating and causing a vacuum leak.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

On a scale of 1 to 5 how difficult is the isolation a repair of this PVC hose issue.

What are the proper steps to take with regard to the isolation and total repair from start to finish. on a step by step basis. I look forward to your reply.



It is not difficult at all. Look on the valve cover for a hose going into it on the passenger side. The pcv valve is at the end of the hose in the valve cover. Follow the hose looking for holes or cracks in it. If you find a hole or crack replace the hose assy.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.


My opinion of this experience overall has been an excellent representation of this program. Your explainations are very clear and concise. Will I get a transcript of our entire conversation ? Along with an evaluation / rating form. I'd like to share my experience and contact you for future issues which may arise.