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The side of my truck can i remove it with out going to a body shop

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my sixteen year old side swipped a car and now there is a long black scuff mark down the side of my truck can i remove it with out going to a body shop
Hello,have you tried to do anything yet to remove it?does it look like its scratched the paint at all or is it just a scuff from the other vehicles bumper or paint?Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
no nothing yet it doesnt look like my paint is gone just thier paint is scuffed on my truck
ok,i have a relation in my family that has been an auto detailer for several years,talking to him he suggests buying some light cutting compound(its like wax or buffing compound and can be bought at most parts stores or paint stores) and use a rag and lightly rub the scuff with this compound by hand until the scuff is removed,only until the scuff is removed,be careful of not contacting to much of your own paint,then after the scuff is gone if you have access to a buffer and some bufing polish then buff this area,if not then apply some decent carnuba wax to this area to bring back the shine.Dont buy a heavy grit buffing compound,just a real light compound,a paint or parts store help may be able to assist with picking the right one for this job,i have seen these types of scuffs removed before by using this procedure.A buffer works best to reshine the paint after removing the scuff.I hope this helped,if you need anything else let me know,Thanks Pete
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