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2006 Sonata: V6 and runs bad, has code P1295

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I have a 2006 Sonata V6 and runs bad, has code P1295. What is the cause of this and what needs to be done to correct it.

Thanks, Pete

Hello I will help you with your question,


This is a problem with the electronic throttle system. Here is the code information



Component Location

ETC(Electronic Throttle Control Valve) is the device controlling amount of air to engine according to driver's intension. Different from the existing mechanical throttle valve which is composed of accelerator pedal and connecting wire cable, ETC consists of a motor, a throttle body and a throttle position sensor. Receiving input signals from electronic accelerator pedal module, PCM lets ETC motor control throttle valve. With ETC, cruise control system works without any additional device.

If power management mode is recognized under detecting condition, PCM sets P1295. And MIL(Malfunction Indication Lamp) turns on.

DTC Detecting Condition

Schematic Diagram


  1. Connect Scantool to DLC(Data Link Connector)
  2. IG "ON" & Monitor that any different DTC(Diagnostic Trouble Code) is existed. (There will be at least one more DTC which causes this DTC P1295 to retrieve)
  3. Repair the DTCs cause DTC P1295 first according to the designated trouble shooting guide.(After repairing the DTCs cause DTC P1295, don't forget to do "ETC Initialization" as follows.
  4. Is the same DTC occurred ? YES: Substitute with a known-good PCM and check for proper operation. If the problem is corrected,replace PCM and then go to "Verification of Vehicle Repair" procedure. NOTE: There is a memory reset function on Scantool that can erase optional parts automatically detected and memorized by PCM Before or after testing PCM on the vehicle, use this function to reuse the PCM on the others NO: Go to "Verification of Vehicle Repair" procedure.
    • Procedure of ETS Initialization
  1. Erase the trouble codes on PCM
  2. Turn the ignition key oft and keep this condition until the main relay is turned off.(it will takes 10 sec. )
  3. Turn ignition key on more than 1 second to record the throttle motor position on the EEPROM

After a repair, it is essential to verify that the fault has been corrected.

  1. Monitor and record the Freeze Frame Data for the Diagnostic Trouble Code(DTC) which has been diagnosed.
  2. Using a Scantool, Clear the DTCs
  3. Operate the vehicle within conditions noted in the freeze frame data or enable conditions
  4. Monitor that all rediness test have been verified as Complete"
  5. Are any DTCs present? YES: Go to the applicable trouble shooting procedure. NO: System is performing to specification at this time.




There are no technical service bulletins for this concern so this will have to be diagnosed to find the cause. If you are still under warranty this is one for the dealer as they will have the correct scantool for the job


Let me know what I can do to help you with this


Thank you



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