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water pump leaking coolant

Resolved Question:

Vehicle leaking coolant. I add half a jug of coolant into the while plastic reservoir under the hood once a week. Had someone look under the hood and tell me the leak was from the water pump. Took the car to mechanic and told them the water pump is leaking. Their diagnosis: It's not the water pump, it's the freeze plugs. They will fix the freeze plugs. After 24 hours, the car is still in the shop and not fixed. I was told they had to "do the job all over again" because freeze plugs are tricky. Do you think the original diagnosis was correct. Perhaps this is a water pump leak after all?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Josh replied 7 years ago.
With the age of your jeep it's definately likely that the freeze plugs would be leaking, a lot of corrosion develops on the block making it difficult to get the freeze plugs to seal to the block, so it's definately feasible that they would have to do it a second time to get all of the plugs to seal.

As far as the water pump, I'd have a hard time believing they they would miss a leaking water pump, especially after you told them. It's not very difficult to see the waterpump leaking if it is.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

O.k., thanks. In continuing with your freeze plug answer, I was told that they were working on the freeze plugs they could "get to" --- and to do all of them would require a "tear down" which would be another $200. I decined that, so they are only working on the plugs on the side of the block (if I understand that correctly). Do you advise a tear-down, or only if I bring the car home and it still leaks coolant? They ran a pressure test, wouldn't that test show ALL the leaks? Sorry for the questions, but I'm sitting here without my car for two days, so I'm very concerned! Thanks again!

Expert:  Josh replied 7 years ago.
If you're planning on keeping the jeep for years you might want to go ahead and replace them all since they all have been under the same conditions that caused the others to leak. Yes the pressure test would show all the leaks at this time, but the others may leak in the near future, which is why they suggested them. So, if you're not planning on keeping the jeep long term I'd just replace the ones that are leaking now.
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