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spire suzuki
spire suzuki, Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  Suzuki master tech. 26 years in motor trade
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suzuki: my spark..1.6 16 valve 94 /95 ...its an early one

Resolved Question:

hi would like to speak to transman suzuki expert regarding my baleno...i replaced the dizzy...but still a none starter...on cranking i now get a spark but get about 3 then lose my spark..pulled the main ht lead off and on cranking get about 3 sparks then lose it even though im still cranking when i turn the ignition off then crank again get my 3 sparks again then lose them....this happens over and over again....baleno 1.6 16 valve 94 /95 ...its an early one with no imobilizer its just a plain key no chip....eng code g16 b any ideas mate
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  spire suzuki replied 7 years ago.
Welcome to
Have you checked the valve timing?
As the igniter pack been checked out?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hi the valve timing is correct as far as im for testing the igniter..i live in jersey channel islands and no one has the equipment to test it ..the main dealers over here aint very helpful..have priced up a new one and are asking 303 pound .....have been told the igniters are pretty bullet proof ..have you ever come across igniters failing ......its just strange that on first crank you get 3 sparks then it dissapears when still cranking then i turn the ignition off and then crank it again then i get the 3 sparks back then loose them again..this keeps doing the same over and over again.....
Expert:  spire suzuki replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for getting back to me.
Yes i would agree the the igniter are bullet proof.
I had a Jimny 1300 G13 engine with the similar symptoms, you need to remove the rocker cover and timing belt cover and check the valve timing, If the timing XXXXX XXXXXne up on the cam and crank pulley's then you need to check the position of the cam.
Align the cam pulley with timing mark remove the rocker cover and check that the camshaft is rocking between off inlet and on exhaust rockers exhaust on number 4 cylinder, if you move the cam slightly clock then anti clock wise you should you should see this happen.
The fault i had on a jimny was the cam seized and twisted on the pulley, all the timing XXXXX XXXXXned up but the camshaft was out by 10mm
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