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2005 elantra: harness..mounted..10mm nut ran wire and grounded

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I just installed a sony receiver in my 2005 elantra GT. I installed the correct harness plug for radio soidered and shrink tubed all connections also
added RCA wire to back of radio for the addition of amp+sub later.
Everything worked great.

Two weeks later i go to finish the amp+sub, RCA already done just needed the
main power mounted one end to batt at the 10mm nut ran wire and grounded amp.
go to put +cable on batt. get one small spark push terminal down and tighten.
Put key in to try it all out turn key to ACC, no radio,no dome light,no map lights,no clock in dash,no alarm. So i start car starts fine but still none of the things mentioned works. I turn car off and grab my voltmeter and start by checking all fuses in place they are all good! Not believing my meter i started pulling out fuse that might have something to do with the problem and inspect them all are good now im lost!!
Could it be a relay? or something to do with the stock alarm system?

Hello I will help you with your question,


Look at the components below the short connector in this diagram. This is the yellow connector in the passenger compartment fuse block. It is turned around in its socket for shipping so that the battery is not discharged when the vehicle gets to the dealer. It is fed through fuse #6 so that has to be checked.


If these are the components that have no power you will have to find the issue between fuse #6 and the short connector.






Let me know what you find with the power at the short connector





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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Is the short connector something that could burn out or need to be replaced?

It is possible that the short connector can become dislodged and it might burn out but it is not a fuse only a jumper that is meant to be turned around once at the dealership and it stays in that position for the life of the vehicle. If all the components are fed through the short connector as shown in the wiring diagram it is a handy place to check for power. If you have power to that point the problem is downstream but I suspect you can find the fault between fuse #6 that you posted had power and the short connector. Look for burned places, it is not that difficult to pull the fuse block it just has a lot of connectors but they only go back in one place so you dont have to remember where everything goes. Look ove the block, measure for voltage at the yellow short connector terminals and let me know what you find.