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2002 Infinity QX4: brakes..pads are fine back drums..slight

Resolved Question:

Have a 2002 Infinity QX4 had new brakes put on front and rears cleaned. Replaced front discs and pads back pads are fine back drums have a few hot spots very slight. Have never been turned. When I stop say coming down at 65 mphs or more I get vibration in front end . Mechanic says I need new drums in back and new pads even though he says they are ok. Infinity has a recall bulletin # XXXXX and 03061 . No explaination it is listed as Brake Jutter. To have back brakes done will be 525.00 what do you think Thanks Art
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.



Ok, first, in reference to the bulletins, they are not recalls. They are actually TSBs(technical service bulletins) which were put out by the engineers for the technicians on procedure to check for brake "judder", or vibration.


Normally, vibration in the front end on high speed braking is due to the front brake rotors or hubs.


Here is way to determine whether the problem is in the front brakes or the rears. Get up to the speed it usually occurs at, while holding the button in to prevent them from locking up, use the parking brake handle to apply the rear brakes, just enough to slow down vehicle. If vibration occurs in front end while engaging the parking brake, then the rear brake rotors are indeed at fault. If, however no vibration occurs, then the problem is in the front brakes- either new rotors are warped out of the box, tire lug nuts were over-torqued causing new rotors to warp, or the hub bearings are out of round and causing the problem.


Here are the TSBs you had referred to:





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