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1993 Lincoln Town Car: door lock..actuator..unlock..interior

Customer Question

Mom's 1993 Lincoln Town Car's driver's door power door lock actuator failed in the locked position. Can not manually unlock the door from interior in any way. Door key just turns in the tumbler without effect from exterior. And, obviously, the keypad/code and keyless remote don't work either.

Question: How do you remove the interior panel to access the actuator if the door's locked shut? Do we have to call a locksmith before we do anything else?

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Randall C replied 8 years ago.

Hello, it has been a long time since I have had to do this job from inside only but it can be done. Just going to be tighter work area.

You need to pull switch as in pic #2. Then the screws, then you will need to work a small screwdriver around the edge of the door panel and pop the clips. the panel will then come off. You shouldgraphic


To avoid breakage of door pull cover(s), insert a screwdriver diagonally between pull strap, and chrome bracket. Snap out both sides then remove.

  1. Snap out two door pull strap retaining screw covers. Remove screws.
  2. Remove two screws on front and rear side of door trim panel.
  3. Using the Trim Pad Removing Tool from Rotunda Moulding/Trim Kit 107-00401 or equivalent, pry the trim panel retaining clips from the door inner panel.

Do not use trim panel to remove trim clips from door inner panel. Replace any bent, damaged or missing push pins.

  1. Remove window regulator switch housing from back of trim panel. Lift up housing and disconnect all connectors.
  2. Disconnect driver seat memory seat switch (driver's door only) if so equipped.
  3. Twist out courtesy lamp wire assembly.


  1. Ensure plastic watershield is secured to door panel.
  2. Position trim panel to door. Connect courtesy lamp wiring.
  3. Align door lock side to its mating slide on the sheet metal.
  4. Snap in trim panel. Ensure all retainers fit properly.
  5. Install two retaining screws on front and rear side of door trim panel.
  6. Connect driver seat memory switch (driver's door only) if so equipped.
  7. Position window regulator switch housing and connect switch connectors. Install to door trim panel by snapping in.
  8. Install two retaining screws and pull strap covers.
  9. Install two retaining screws and pull strap covers.



be able to do this saving from a shop etc.. Once off, you need to look at door lock assy from inside door. A rod may have come off. You will be able to see this. You will also be able to work the lock or latch manually