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Ive got an 85 pontiac fiero GT, w/5spd manual muncie 282

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I've got an 85' pontiac fiero GT, w/5spd manual muncie 282 transmission. Just had a tune up done. Was driving fine with no signs of clutch problems, or gear slippage. Shifted normal. I took a short drive yesterday, parked it, returned a couple hours ltr. Could not get it to go into gear w/ the engine running. Played with it & got it to shift finally & made it about 4 blocks getting it to shift all the way to 3rd gear then neutral & now nothing. I had to coast it into a parking stall. It seems to shift into gear fine when the motor is off, but not when it's running. If I try to shift into reverse while it's on it grinds & won't even budge towards any of the other gears. Clutch fluid is still full. Also I can put it into gear with motor off, clutch depressed all the way to the floor & then start it, but it immediately tries to start moving even w/ clutch depressed. Any ideas?

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What you described is a classic description of a failed Cluch Master Cylinder , the clutch itself is probably just fine. Have the Clutch Master Cylinder Replaced and you should be back to normal.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Is it something that's possible to fail that quickly without any real warning signs though?
That sounds like a good place to start to me & I appreciate the help, but like I say it's really weird cause it was working & just a couple hours later it wasn't.
Yes, it is very common to fail all at once. The internal seals go bad and allow fluid to flow past instead of compress. Very similar to a hydraulic brake master cylinder.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks. I'll look into it. Gonna get it towed down to the shop, Kinda wonder if there's an easy way to test it though.

Your Welcome!


You already have tested it, easy part is over....